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The captain takes over. I’m all in this Feburary.

This week is a week after a grueling Preliminary Examinations week, results from these exams also came out with it, and it came out somewhat mixed, some exams I got high scores (even coming up on top in one of the exams), while others came out a little lower than expected. Fortunately, I passed in every subject I’m taking this prelims period. Including the two other major tests that we took this week.

But before the results came out, I did took time off from schoolwork for I was exhausted after those exams, where I did my best taking a good time away from the usual student routine by hanging out in different places, either on my own by hanging out at a Starbucks branch nearby or with my family in Greenhills to go to church and buy things. As well as getting myself a new haircut and use wax on my hair. Even to the point I’m not answering questions about schoolwork from my blockmates. Don’t forget the fact I’m filling up my planner with every day that pass by.

January is coming to an end, and February is inching closer with every day and every hour, and it’s going to be one busy month for me, as projects that are needed to be addressed will be done. Including two projects where I’m leading the way. Aside from those schoolwork that will be addressed, I will have a couple of competitions to end the school year. It will also be the last two competitions with the whole team (with two senior teammates before they graduate) which has been a great honor to have been their teammate, and the other one I will compete all by myself. So right now, I’m preparing myself for these competitions I will take on next month as well as savoring the moment of representing the school. Also, I have to think of some things to do when my blockmates and fellow batchmates go to Korea in the middle of the month, while I’m staying here in the Philippines.

I’m thankful for the opportunity I have been given over the past couple of months and I look to take every advantage and opportunity I can grasp on my hands today. I will do all the pursuits I am taking in my life with all my best and I will never stop in making a good name for myself.

“All the days that you wake up, you got one job, and that’s to get better every single day.” – Derrick Rose

Loaded up and all in for the tasks at hand.

A 5′ 9.5” dude on a lazy Satuday says Thank You PEEPS! ;)

This is my 75th blog entry, we take a break from NBA action since there are no games today. So yes, my blog is swinging well. My Blogger blog is about to reach 2,000 views all-time, and my WordPress blog is about to reach 1,200 views all-time. While my “Some tips worth taking for our UST Freshies” blog entry on Blogger recently passed the 500 views mark, the WordPress version is nearing the 200 views mark. I also want to say Yo! to my 3 blog followers on Blogger and 14 blog followers on WordPress. If you have a Blogger and/or WordPress blog, please don’t forget to follow my blog. I follow back. Once the NBA season is over, expect more things about my life journey soon.

So yesterday, our family went for a physical examination at the clinic. We took a blood test, x-ray, cleaning of our teeth, and other physical tests. It was also on the examinations I found out that I’m 5 feet and 9.5 inches tall. I’m as tall as NBA player Nate Robinson (though I can’t jump as high as he is). I’m still hoping that I could get as high as 6 feet tall. But also, I needed to gain a little more weight to compensate my height spark. Like they say, It’s a free country, You can do what you want. I just remembered I used to be a chubby kid before the height spark came along. True enough, I came a long way from that time in my life.

I had another great time at Shakey’s, the food and the service was great like our previous visits and we love to come back again. On Tropical Bacon pizza, Mojos and rootbeer, I have one happy tummy.

I hope I can go back to Starbucks on the last day of the Frappuccino Happy Hour this coming Monday and take advantage once again of half-priced coffee. If that happens, I would be 4 for 5 on Frappuccino Happy Hour this year.

There is only 16 days left before I head back to school. I don’t have clear ideas of what to do to make these days count. But I’ll do my best to make it all worth it. Of course, I can’t wait to see my PEEPS in UST from my classmates, batchmates and other people around the university.

Once again, I thank the PEEPS for visiting my thought ladder since I returned to blogging last month, and I hope you come back to check on all my future posts here.


The once in a year spectacle. This time I’m now legal.

On April 30, 1994, a dude from Quezon City was born. 18 years later, he’s now a legal gentleman. Today, I celebrate my 18th birthday. At this age, I can now vote for the elections in 2013 and I am entitled to a lot of other privileges as a proud Filipino citizen.

To celebrate the occasion, I decided to throw a simple house party in my humble home. Together with my family and friends. My friends in my neighborhood came as well as some of my classmates in college. Unfortunately some of them were unable to join the party for personal commitments. I don’t blame them for being unable to come, because these are commitments they need to fulfill.

We had lasagna, fried chicken, a birthday cake and ice cream for the occasion while enjoying the beats from some of my favorite tunes from artists/bands like Parokya ni Edgar, Westlife, Rivermaya and many of my favorite songs. My home turned into a computer shop as they were playing computer games along the way.

Well to cap the afternoon, I went out to buy my favorite Starbucks Frappucino® Coffee Jelly in Venti size and saved 50% from the original price as it was the first day of the Happy Frappucino Hour, and for the first time, I used the name “K-Smoove” on my cup. 

Another year has come and pass. It was also a time for me to look back at what has happened for the past 18 years of my existence. Even though I grow another year older, I will continue to be the dude who lives a fun, fulfilling, friendly and simple life. A dude who has no vices. The guy who is addicted to basketball, travel, anime and many other things. I will continue to be a steward to my family and PEEPS. I’ll always be “The Walking GPS”.

Okay then, I am happy to say to each and everyone.

I like to thank my family for putting up the feast today, as well as to my 2nd street PEEPS for coming over today and enjoy another birthday with me. To two of my TROPA-Guise PEEPS Deece and Ryan (who came all the way from the south of the metro) for coming over to my place. Though we were not complete, we had a lot of fun today.

I like to thank the PEEPS who greeted me via text on my cellphone, greeted me on my Facebook by wall post or PM, tweets on my Twitter. I hope to meet you guys in person very soon (especially my batchmates around UST) and to see the PEEPS who I haven’t seen in a very long time.

To my birthday-mates Albie, Peter, Camille, Mapps and CJ. I’m sure we had a good one on our birthday celebrations.

And most importantly, I would like to THANK GOD for the blessings I have received in the 18 years of my existence in this world. I wish for more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to come in the future.

Photos ©Karl Carandang