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USTET season begins anew.

Starting tomorrow, the series of dates for the USTET (University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test) begins. Aside from tomorrow August 26, other USTET exam dates will be on September 30, November 4 and December 9.

The USTET has been interpreted by some people as “easy” as compared other major college entrance examinations like the UPCAT of the University of the Philippines in which applies not only to the campuses in Diliman and Manila but also to other campuses of the UP System across the country, the ACET of the Ateneo de Manila University and the DLSU-CET of the De La Salle University. Despite that label, the fact remains that each year, only 25% of the USTET takers will enter the university as students.

Three years ago, I took the USTET. I remember it was on October 25, 2009 in the morning at Room 405 of the St. Raymund’s Building. Home to the Faculty of Arts and Letters and the College of Commerce and Business Administration.

Once the results came out, among the three college entrance examinations I took, I failed to pass the UPCAT (It was my goal to be a UP student.) and the ACET, and the USTET was the only exam I passed.

However, before I became a Thomasian taking up Travel Management, there was interview conducted by College of Tourism and Hospitality Management to all aspiring students of both Travel Management and Hotel & Restaurant Management programs. Unfortunately, I failed the interview the first time around. 

So that’s one tip for those aspiring to get into Travel Management and HRM. You may have passed the exam, but you still have to get through the interview before you can be a full-pledged CTHM student. So on the day of your interview next year, look good and be smart in answering questions. Competition will be tough as there are limited slots.

Knowing that Travel Management was my dream course I went for a reconsideration. I was still going to be a UST student, even if I failed the reconsideration. I would have been a Engineering student taking up Computer Science which was my second choice. Fortunately, I made it through the reconsideration and now I’m in my third year taking up Travel Management, and that’s another tip, if you fail the interview in CTHM, you can reconsider, however slots are limited and of course the 1st time passers of the interview will be given top priority.

Of course, if you’re taking up CFAD and/or Architecture, there is a drawing part at the end of the written exam as it will also be used to getting into these colleges.

Each college of the university has its own limits and set of rules in accommodating aspiring students. Some, would accept students right away. While others have extra tests for aspiring students just like I said in CTHM.

All I can say is, don’t be complacent when taking up the USTET, and don’t forget your test permits and Mongol #2 pencils and get to know early where are you going to take up your exams.

I would like to give a special mentionto all the USTET takers coming from my high school Alma Mater of Claret School of Quezon City. I wish you guys all the best and I hope to see you in campus next school year.

Good luck and God bless to all aspiring Thomasians.
We hope to see you inside the UST campus next year.