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One year since it all began again, and I’m still swinging.

Last year on this date, this blog called “Never back down, never ever give up: The thoughts of K-Smoove” was born out of my own desire to return to blogging again after sitting out for three years. 365 days later and after 169 blog entries. We are now on Year 2 of my thought ladder (The WordPress blog will follow suit 2 days from now).

Now I’m on my 170th blog entry and the very first one on Year 2 of this thought ladder of mine, first I would like to thank each and every one who have been following this blog over the past year as I blog about my own life stories, basketball, tips, and all other things on my thought ladder. Please keep in check on my blog as we continue into Year 2 of the thought ladder. Also, please do share my blog with your peers and if you happen to have a Blogger and/or WordPress account, do follow my blog.

On year two, keep in touch because the 2013 NBA Playoffs and Finals is closing in. As I’ll bring you the latest from the playoff run of the 16 teams which will qualify in the NBA Playoffs and will chase some championship gold this June. As well as the continuing saga of my journey throughout the best of what life can offer.

Once again, sit back and enjoy the ride.

all in on year 2

Challenge accepted.

The second semester of the school year is well underway. They say this semester is the toughest of all semesters for a Travel Management student. Well, because the courses for this semester will be more technical at the same time the courses will be applicable when we go to work in our respective fields. So, we have met six of the eight professors this week. It will also be the last French language course we will take in the university. We will also get familiar with the Galileo system which is used for reservation systems. And for this semester, if we got enough money to proceed. We will go on a tour outside the Philippines together with my blockmates as well as two other section. Plus, a lot of other things that will happen this semester.

Well, a new semester also brought in new changes, there is a new leadership in tow for the section. I really wanted to pursue a position in office, because I really wanted to lead and this is what in mind would be my last shot to be able to do so. But, fate had other things in mind, and the fact that it wasn’t meant to happen right now. I’m still hoping that I’ll get the opportunity in the future.

The return to the university, also gives me a chance to see my friends at school again. After not seeing each other during the semestral break. I missed them a lot during my time off. Also, I did take the time away from school and the troubles of the past semester to get refreshed and ready for this semester. Things to look forward this semester is the annual Paskuhan, before the Christmas break, the CTHM College Week which is usually a first semester event, will now happen this semester after the ton of weather interruptions which postponed the event, and a lot of other events to come. I hope there will be another Sportsfest this year, I really want  to play basketball again.

This is a critical point in my España journey. There is no room for complacency and failure. Times will be hard, and there will be a ton of challenges coming up. but we’ll still find a way to enjoy this semester at the same time learn a lot of things as well. One week is in the books, still a long way to go. I’m not expecting that much this semester. But I’ll put my head down,get myself pumped up and get this rollin’ along. Get ready for a comeback! Easier said than done, but I‘ll do my very best.


Winding down the sembreak. Back to the grind in a couple of hours.

Today is the final day of the semestral break which began three weeks ago. Well, it was an eventful one. From going home to the province to catch some cool air, to going out watching a basketball game live. From playing basketball with some of my friends to the ever feared release of the grades from the last semester. From the end of the college basketball season to the start of a new NBA season. From lazy days at home to active mornings playing hoops every morning, and a lot of other happenings this semestral break.  

Unfortunately, there was one thing that I was unable to do during the semestral break, and that was to try out NBA 2K13. I installed it successfully on my PC. Unfortunately, the game never played. It turned out the OS I’m using is not up to date and cannot carry the game. Well, I wanted to try it out on a computer shop. Then again, most of the time I was broke all vacation long due to the fact I don’t get allowance (when I get some to go out, it’s spent right away). Well I should learn saving money. One day, I’ll finally get to try the game. I really wanted to use the Houston Rockets with James Harden aboard once I get the chance.

Well in a few hours, it’s back to the grind of going back to school to continue my España journey. Well, on the first day. It happened that we only have one class since most of my classes in the morning will be cut to make way for a faculty meeting prior to the start of the year. This year, I’m aiming for a comeback. Easier said than done, but I’m all in and ready to bring everything I have. It will be a challenging semester for sure. Still, we need to stay positive and find fun in tough situations. I hope I can make the best of this coming semester, because right now, I need a good one this semester. I cannot wait to see all of my friends at school.

The journey continues, the return begins.
K-Smoove is all in

Welcome to my blog. My thought ladder.

Hello there PEEPS.

I’m using the word “PEEPS” taken from what WWE superstar Christian (picture) calls the people, though he doesn’t do this anymore since by the time of this writing he’s a heel wrestler (bad guy) I have been using this word when putting up a status on Facebook or leave a tweet on Twitter. Now I am using it to welcome the people who come and visit my blog.

It’s been a long time since I was blogging, the last time I blogged was in 2009 when I used to have a blog on my Multiply account. Which I gave up since most of my friends left Multiply.
Now I am back to blogging about the things that I like to write and talk about. From basketball, wrestling, sports, anime, travel, music and everything in life. So expect a journey in every blog I write from here on out.So enjoy the journey, and welcome to my blog.

“If you are not afraid of the voices inside you, you will not fear the critics outside you.” – Natalie Goldberg, Author 

Photo of WWE Superstar Christian ©