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On the highway to nowhere. The Subic Bay Chronicles.

Last Friday, my family went on a trip up north to Subic Bay in Zambales. But, before we got to the place we will be staying in, a lot of things happened on the long trip from Manila to Subic Bay. In Bulacan, we saw the ongoing construction of the Philippine Arena along Bocaue.

We also got to savor the scenery along NLEx. But as soon as we got into our exit in NLExin Pampanga, we got into a hailstorm, that’s right hail fell from the skies accompanied by lightning that was very close to the road. As soon as we got into the SCTEX, the weather improved and we got to see the sights and scenery of the SCTEx as well as the Subic-Tipo Expressway.

We arrived in Subic Bay in the late afternoon, and we had dinner at a Jollibee there since I wanted to eat their Amazing Aloha burgeronce again, four years after it last came back for a limited offering. Afterwards, we started the trip to the place were staying in near the airport. We went around circles in the area without knowing we passed the place we were supposed to turn to get to our destination thrice. Since the car was running short on gas we took a detour to gas up. Then finally on the fourth attempt, we got to the right place and arrived at the place we’re staying. As soon as we got into the house, it was complete with a lot of amenities from high definition satellite television, air conditioning units, very fast internet connectionand a nice view of Subic Bay and the airport. We settled in for the night then after.

As I woke up the following day, it was already late in the morning and right away I got to see the scenery of Subic Bayfrom the vantage point of the house. Then the rest of our relatives arrived at the house from Manila. Where we had a nice lunch by the nice scenery. I took a photo of the scenery in the afternoon and I got a photo of myself with it.

Then I got to roam around the area to savor the nice view of Subic Bay from the airport. At home, well I savored the moment of watching television in high definition from channels like History, HBO, NBA Premium TVto name a few. As well as taking advantage of high speed internet connections at the place. Then we settled in for dinner, and afterwards watched a movie before settling in for the night.

Then on our last day there, I woke up early in the morning and had a nice breakfast, as well as getting ready to leave the house for the trip back home. While the others were packing. We watched Game 6 of the Pacers-Knicks series in HD. It was worth the treat for me as a basketball fan getting to watch a live NBA game in HD was something special. After the game, we all left the house for the last time. But before we left the area, we took one last picture as a family with the view of the place as well as the scenery.


Once we left the area, we went on a detour along Subic Bay, travelling the open road to places filled with trees even monkeys. We went to the place where Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach Resort is located so we took a look at the places before heading back to the center of Subic Bay. Along the way, we stumbled upon a tall fire tree and we took pictures with it.

Afterwards, we went to the center of Subic Bay where we went to buy some things at the duty free stores within the free port area. We saved a lot from buying some stuff along the way, including a gallon’s worth of ice cream for the price less than a 3L Selecta ice cream bought elsewhere in the Philippines. I also got to buy myself a new Adidas shoe from their outlet store in the area.

After buying from the duty free stores, we went for lunch at Xtremely Xpresso where they have nice food from 22” pizzas with lower prices than a 18” Yellow Cab Pizza. As well as a tasty meat lasagna. I also got to try their Coffee Jelly Frappe drink which has a strong taste but is also good. After lunch, we went in for the long trip back to Manila.

So yeah it was pretty much a rewarding experience to get to Subic Bay for the first time in my life. I sure will come back again and get a nice deal here especially with the duty free shops in the area. It’s also a great place because of the discipline here which is way better than here in Manila, traffic enforcement here is strict unlike other parts of the country. I sure hope I’ll be coming here again in the near future.

Finding my solitude right here.

Back for some cool air away from the city.

Last Thursday was All Saints Day in the Philippines, it was also the start of a long weekend that will end today. It is the last chance to relax before the start of the second semester of classes tomorrow. So, our family went back to our home province of Batangas. For me, it’s my first time coming back since I was unable to go the last time they went back.

Since, it was All Saints Day, we expected a large volume of vehicles along our route. Fortunately for this year, on All Saints Day, traffic was relatively light and fast moving as most people already left prior to the day. We were able to reach our destination Sto. Tomas, Batangas which is my father’s hometown in a short amount of time. On All Saints Day, millions of Filipinos take to the cemeteries to visit their departed loved ones. Living up to the day, we visited my departed brother and grandfather from my father’s side as well as our relatives on my father’s side.

Brother?!? Well, I lost one of my brothers 12 years ago, he died when he was only a year old due to brain tumor. I always remember the short time we spent together, in my prayers.

After the cemetery visit, we wentto our grandparents home for the night there. Where I got the one thing I missed badly whenever I go home to the province, the cool air. Since, the place lies on the foot of the mountain and has plenty of trees. It was a very comfortable sleep. Also, it was also a chance for me to catch up with my cousins since I wasn’t there the last time my family went back to the province a few weeks ago.

The following day, it was All Souls Day, well it’s the day we really remember the souls of our departed loved ones. However, Filipinos view All Saints Day as the most important day to visit. So on that day, we left our grandparents home and went south to the town of Ibaan, my mother’s hometown to visit the cemetery there to see my departed grandfather on my mother’s side as well as our relatives on my mother’s side. The visit was brief, afterwards we went for lunch at my aunt’s parents home. Then we left for Alaminos, Laguna to visit the cemetery and the home of one of my relatives. Afterwards, we left the province for Manila.

It was a rewarding visit to say the least. Well, I was dying to visit the province once again. The last time I came back was a very long time ago. I had little or no chance during the school year to visit because of the ton of commitments that I had to fulfill in school. I’m sure we’ll be back n the province very soon.

I’m back to my roots.

Back in the province. Just like when we were kids.

Yesterday, our family went back to our province in Batangas to celebrate two of my cousin’s birthdays. One of them was celebrating her 1st birthday, while the other had his 7th birthday on April 28 (2 days before my birthday.) It was a double celebration.

It was a chance to catch up with my relatives and cousins with whom we haven’t seen in a long time for we haven’t come back to the province often this summer.

So yes, we had a great birthday party there. Great food and entertainment. My aunt and uncle own a restaurant/catering business there and their food is very good.

Then later in the night, we found our way to the WalterMart mall which is just a pebble stone throw away from the house. Me, my brother Andrei and cousin Paolo went on the arcades having a great time. Before going down at McDonald’s for some french fries and drinks along with my other cousins Ann and Trina who followed after. Before we left, we went for one round of an all-time classic board game Snakes and Ladders and after all the ladders that brought you up and snakes that brought you down. I won the game. Hehe.

Then, it was time to head back home to Quezon City. It was a great time to spend with my cousins and relatives. Truly, I miss the times when we were kids, young and carefree. It was a good feeling to relieve those moments for one more time.

Going back to my roots.