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Albertus Magnus Building, memories and legends were made.

Yesterday, I returned to UST once again. It’s been more than a week since my last visit. But, there was a good reason to come back. It was more than just a plain visit, but it was to coach the Quiz Bee team which I was a part of the past two years and won multiple competitions along the way. It felt great to be on the other side of the fence. Of coaching and motivating the team, and not competing to put up a good fight. After spending the afternoon there, I went home tired yet thankful of the opportunity that was given to me today. Little did I know that something was brewing along my beloved college.

Today, I got the news on social media from one of my mentors, that CTHM will start holding classes on the new Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building (otherwise known as the Thomasian Alumni Center) on Thursday. It will be leaving the Albertus Magnus Building which has been it’s home since it’s inception in 2006. The new building will primarily host the Office of Alumni Relations. It will also house every college/faculty-level alumni organizations. But what will the building bring to CTHM? It will give the college new classrooms and facilities that will cater to the needs of the college and it is fully air-conditioned. One side note of the upcoming move, the CTHM offices will still remain at the Albertus Magnus Building. I haven’t personally gone into the new building in my last visit. But I’m hopeful I will be able to come inside, the next time I come back.

On a personal note, there is always that sign of envy that I never got to experience having a class inside the new building as I just graduated. But it was indeed a measure of right timing. We may never experience the vibe of the new building as students. Perhaps on a jokeful thought, the move could cut-off the college from “civilization” of the UST campus. As majority of the buildings of other colleges are closely attached to one another. Despite the envy of it all, at least we were able to come out last March with flying colors and that’s the most important thing of it all. At the end of the day, it’s for the good of the college moving forward.

Then again, a lot of mine as well as others memories of their college life were made inside the Albertus Magnus Building. From every class to spending a moment at the cafeteria or the fenced area. From the ultra cool language lab to the consultation room and faculty room where I once trained whenever I compete. From events/exhibits done inside the building to having my OJT at the travel bureau inside the building and plenty other experiences in this building that molded me into who I am today.

The nostalgia of the Albertus Magnus will always be there for me. Whenever I or anyone else who belongs in CTHM step their foot inside the building, we will have that feeling of how it was inside it. Every success and failure that was made here. From the beginning until the end of our collegiate journeys.

It will be an exciting time for the college with the move into the spanking new building. As the current generation of students will now make their own legends and memories inside it. As an alumnus, I’m optimistic with all the changes that are coming along. I hope for the best.

Alas, I will always remember the Albertus Magnus Building as a second home for the four years of my Thomasian journey.

Godspeed, Albertus Magnus 

P.S. If I get called to coach the team again, where would I go?

Eddie Guerrero: Lie, Cheat and Steal

Eddie Guerrero wins WWE Championship at No Way Out 2004
Video ©WWE/YouTube

As I was browsing videos on YouTube in one afternoon. I stumbled upon videos of the legendary wrestler Eddie Guerrero. Eddie who is a part of the famed Guerrero wrestling family of Latino heritage which composed of his father Gory, his brothers Chavo Sr., Mando, and Hector, and his nephew and once tag team partner Chavo Jr. was a former WWE Champion, a former United States Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion, a former European Champion, a multiple Tag Team Champion. He has done it all in his career.
Eddie Guerrero in a segment with Kurt Angle
 Video ©WWE/YouTube

Despite the accomplishments that he had in his career, he is well known for his trait of “lie, cheat and steal”. as Eddie uses these tactics to his advantage in matches known as “The Smokin’ Gun” where he uses a foreign object to his advantage. One of the times he used it which was hitting the steel chair to the mat and tossing it to his opponent and then Eddie lies down to the floor and pretend that he got hit by his opponent with the steel chair, and the time he pretended to be hurt and use it against his opponent. His Latino Heat desire has captivated fans during his entire career. His promos of lying, cheating and stealing things from other wrestlers were timeless and funny to watch. As well of course, he drives to the ring with his trademark low rider with all the hydraulics installed on to the car to the comfortable seats. Whether he was the good guy or not, he is one of the most charismatic wrestlers that ever lived. He will always be ready to nail his opponents with his trademark “Three Amigos” (three vertical suplexes) to the Frog Splash and to the Lasso from El Paso.

Unfortunately, his life was cut short. On November 13, 2005, Guerrero died in his hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the age of 38. In the following days, the episodes of WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown were dedicated to the life of Eddie Guerrero from his humble beginnings in El Paso, Texas to his family life and most importantly his illustrious and decorated wrestling career. The following year, he was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr. and his friends Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit.It has been almost 7 years since Eddie passed away, but his memory will live on to his many fans all over the world. He will always be remembered as the man who lies, cheats and steals and is honest about it. You can never tell if he’s still alive right now when he fights the new guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Alberto del Rio, The Miz and other wrestlers out there or maybe get involved in a Rock-Cena like once in a lifetime matchup. I’m sure up in the heaven’s, he has a great grin on his face.

Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo) Lie, Cheat and Steal Promos
Video ©WWE/YouTube

“Life turns on a dime. have no idea what tomorrow will bring… sure life would be a lot easier if we knew what was going to happen. You’ve got to live by faith one day at a time.”  – Eddie Guerrero