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We are well under way. Take out the boredom.

We are well within the semestral break which will last for the next 3 weeks. It’s an opportunity for the students to take their well-deserved rest after a grueling yet fun first semester of classes. It’s also gives students who live in the provinces to come home to their respective hometowns after living in dormitories or condominiums all-semester long.

For me, my semestral break did not start early. As I had to finish some schoolwork that has been left behind after the final examinations. Due to this, I was unable to go back to our province of Batangas to visit my relatives, celebrate the debut of my cousin and spend time in a resort by the Taal Lake and has a great view of Taal Volcano. After that, once I passed everything. My semestral break is now well under way.

Of course, the semestral break gave me an opportunity to do things that I was unable to do during the whole semester due to the busy schedule I have all semester long, and that was to play basketball early in the morning or take a jog if other people are playing at the basketball court. It gave me an opportunity to practice my shooting from inside and outside, at the same time it keeps my body active and in good shape. I really hope I can play basketball with my high school friends. It has been a very long time since I stepped on the court with my friends from high school.

Aside from that, I really hope in this semestral break, I can secure an original copy the PC version of NBA 2K13.

 ©2K Sports
I’m pursuing an original copy, because the last time I purchased which was NBA 2K12. There were a lot of glitches which stalled my progress as I played the game. Though it will be a pain on the pocket if I purchase an original copy. At least, it would be all worth the price. I cannot wait to try out Linsanity playing Rockets uniform. The many roster changes like Dwight Howard and Steve Nash going to the Lakers. Ray Allen in a Heat uniform. Brandon Roy’s return to the NBA and many more. Other things I want to try are the NBA All-Star Game which will be played in Houston. “The Dream Team” and the 2012 USA Olympic Team. The new myTeam mode as well as a reloaded myPlayer mode. NBA 2K has already made a lot of huge steps, from the time they were behind EA’s NBA Live series to being the best basketball game on the planet. I can’t wait to try it out for myself.
In the meantime, I will go back to being a child again, because of the Lego Digital Designer we just downloaded to build virtual Lego designs. However, nothing beats building a Lego in real life with the bricks and pieces. Well, The Lego Story on YouTube, shows the history behind a classic.
Aside from these, I cannot wait for the the upcoming 2012-13 NBA season, which will begin onOctober 31. This season will be very interesting from the many roster changes that had changed the landscape of the NBA to the new rookies coming into the league. It will also be the debut season of the Brooklyn Nets who moved from New Jersey and are donning new uniforms and a new stadium for the season. Games to watch out are the returns of players to the homecourts of their old teams like Dwight Howard in Orlando. Steve Nash in Phoenix. Ray Allen in Boston. Joe Johnson in Atlanta. Jeremy Lin in New York. Andre Iguodala in Philadelphia. Andrew Bynum in Los Angeles. Brandon Roy in Portland and a host of other players who changed teams this season. Also to watch out are the many rivalry gamesthat will happen all-season long. As well as the returns of injured players in the middle of the season like Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard and Ricky Rubio. As well as the upcoming 2013 NBA All-Star Game to be held in Houston. This upcoming season will be a sure hit.
It’s been a couple of days since the semestral break began. I really hope I can make the best out of these days before we head back to school this November.
Let’s make the best out of this.