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They validated themselves and proved all the critics wrong again. The Miami Heat may have won the title last year, but they just got branded with a brand new name: Back-to-back NBA champions. After winning a thrilling seven-game series against a veteran and battle-proven team in the San Antonio Spurs.

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In a series where prior to Game 7, the odd games went the way of the Spurs and the even games went the way of the Heat. A series where Spurs guard Danny Green broke an NBA Finals series record with 27 three pointers in the entire series. A series where the Spurs veteran Big 3 of Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili went up against the Heat’s version of the Big 3 in LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Where all the role players stepped up in big games like Miami’s Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole to San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal, Danny Green, Boris Diaw and Tiago Splitter. A series where big shots and plays were made on both ends of the court.
But when it all came to Game 7, when the Spurs could not deliver the big punch to grasp the title for a fifth time in their history and when the Heat took advantage of every lapse the Spurs gave them. The Heat once again stood atop of the mountain in the basketball world. LeBron James who led the Heat in their quest for a repeat and scored at will in Game 7, was named the Finals MVP for the second straight season. The series loss for the Spurs marks their first defeat in an NBA Finals series in franchise history after coming out successful in their  four trips to the NBA Finals prior to this and once again, the home team came out on top in a Game 7 situation where no road team since the 2-3-2 format for the NBA Finals has won in Game 7.
Once again, congratulations to the Miami Heat. Your 2013 NBA Champions.
Give credit as well to the San Antonio Spurs. They fought hard in a great series like this one.
Now here are the scores from all games of the series:
GAME 1 @ Miami: Spurs 92-88 Heat
Spurs leaders:
Points: Parker 21, Duncan 20, Ginobili 13
Rebounds: Duncan 14, Leonard 10, Green 5
Assists: Parker 6, Duncan 4, Ginobili 3
Heat leaders:
Points: James 18, Wade 17, Bosh 13, Allen 13
Rebounds: James 18, Bosh 5, Haslem 4, Miller 4
Assists: James 10, Cole 4, Wade 2, Chalmers 2
GAME 2 @ Miami: Spurs 84-103 Heat

Spurs leaders:
Points: Green 17, Parker 13, Neal 10
Rebounds: Leonard 14, Duncan 11, Blair 4
Assists: Parker 5, Leonard 2, Diaw 2, McGrady 2
Heat leaders:
Points: Chalmers 19, James 17, Allen 13
Rebounds: Bosh 10, James 8, Chalmers 4, Andersen 4
Assists: James 7, Wade 6, Bosh 4
GAME 3 @ San Antonio: Heat 77-113 Spurs
Heat leaders:
Points: Wade 16, James 15, Miller 15
Rebounds: James 11, Bosh 10, Haslem 3, Battier 3, Anthony 3
Assists: Wade 5, James 5, Bosh 4
Spurs leaders:
Points: Green 27, Neal 24, Leonard 14
Rebounds: Duncan 14, Leonard 12, Splitter 5
Assists: Parker 8, Ginobili 6, Joseph 4
GAME 4 @ San Antonio: Heat 109-93 Spurs
Heat leaders:
Points: James 33, Wade 32, Bosh 20
Rebounds: Bosh 13, James 11, Wade 6
Assists: Chalmers 5, James 4, Wade 4, Cole 4
Spurs leaders:
Points: Duncan 20, Parker 15, Neal 13
Rebounds: Leonard 7, Duncan 5, Parker 4, Green 4
Assists: Parker 9, Green 4, Ginobili 2
GAME 5 @ San Antonio: Heat 104-114 Spurs
Heat leaders:
Points: James 25, Wade 25, Allen 21
Rebounds: James 6, Bosh 6, Miller 5
Assists: Wade 10, James 8, Battier 3
Spurs leaders:
Points: Parker 26, Ginobili 24, Green 24
Rebounds: Duncan 12, Leonard 8, Green 6
Assists: Ginobili 10, Parker 5, Diaw 3
GAME 6 @ Miami: Spurs 100-103 Heat (OT)
Spurs leaders:
Points: Duncan 30, Leonard 22, Parker 19
Rebounds: Duncan 17, Leonard 11
Assists: Parker 8, Ginobili 3, Splitter 2
Heat leaders:
Points: James 32, Chalmers 20, Wade 14
Rebounds: Bosh 11, James 10, Miller 7
Assists: James 11, Wade 4
GAME 7 @ Miami: Spurs 88-95 Heat
Spurs leaders:
Points: Duncan 24, Leonard 19, Ginobili 18
Rebounds: Leonard 16, Duncan 12, Green 5
Assists: Ginobili 5, Parker 4, Duncan 2
Heat leaders:
Points: James 37, Wade 23, Battier 18
Rebounds: James 12, Wade 10
Assists: James 4, Allen 4, Bosh 2, Chalmers 2
Heat win series 4-3
Another season of NBA basketball has come to an end, we’ll see you again next season.

The Heat are once again back in the NBA Finals.

This Eastern Conference Finals went the distance for the second straight year, but in the end the Miami Heat prevailed as the defending champions advance to the NBA Finals for the third straight season as they defeat the Indiana Pacers in seven games.

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The Pacers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals after stunning their old rivals in the New York Knicks in 6 games. Led by their All-Star frontcourt of Paul George, David West and Roy Hibbert as well as players like George Hill and Lance Stephenson. The Pacers pushed the defending champions to the limit in a series to remember in this year’s playoffs. Unfortunately, they lost their “Gold Swagger” in Game 7 as the Heat took them out of the building to end their bid to return to the NBA Finals for the first time since Pacer great Reggie Miller led the franchise to their lone trip back in 2000. They played their hearts out in this series, but they were unable to blow the knockout punch that would dethrone the champions out.
The Heat returned to the Eastern Conference Finals for the third straight year after dispatching the Chicago Bulls in 5 games. They were pushed to their very limits, but managed to keep their composure and dealt the knockout punch of the series. MVP LeBron James in this series showed his play during his days as with the Cleveland Cavaliers carrying the champions when they need it the most. Despite the struggles of his Big 3 companions in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. The Heat managed to stave off the momentum the Pacers came into Game 7. Now, they’ll have a shot to get back-to-back championships.
The Heat will now face the Western Conference Champion San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals who dispatched the Memphis Grizzlies in a four game sweep in the Western Conference Finals.
As for the Pacers, their impressive run in the NBA Playoffs comes to a heartbreaking end. They will learn from this series, especially with a team stacked with young talent. They have proven that they are one of the elite teams the Eastern Conference has to offer. I cannot wait to see the Pacers play with my team the Houston Rockets this October 10 when the NBA comes to the Philippines and play a pre-season game here.
Now here are the scores from all games of the series:

GAME 1 @ Miami: Pacers 102-103 Heat (OT)

Pacers leaders:
Points: George 27, West 26, Hibbert 19
Rebounds: Stephenson 12, Hibbert 9, T. Hansbrough 6
Assists: Hill 7, George 5, Stephenson 3
Heat leaders:
Points: James 30, Wade 19, Bosh 17
Rebounds: James 10, Haslem 7, Wade 6
Assists: James 10, Wade 5, Cole 4
GAME 2 @ Miami: Pacers 97-93 Heat
Pacers leaders:
Points: Hibbert 29, George 22, Hill 18
Rebounds: Hibbert 10, Stephenson 8, West 7
Assists: George 6, Stephenson 5, Hill 3, West 3
Heat leaders:
Points: James 36, Bosh 17, Wade 14
Rebounds: James 8, Wade 6, Bosh 5
Assists: Wade 5, Chalmers 5, James 3
GAME 3 @ Indiana: Heat 114-96 Pacers
Heat leaders:
Points: James 22, Wade 18, Haslem 17
Rebounds: Haslem 6, Andersen 6, James 4
Assists: Wade 8, Chalmers 4, James 3
Pacers leaders:
Points: West 21, Hibbert 20, Hill 19
Rebounds: Hibbert 17, West 10, T. Hansbrough 5
Assists: George 8, Hill 2, Stephenson 2
GAME 4 @ Indiana: Heat 92-99 Pacers
Heat leaders:
Points: James 24, Chalmers 20, Wade 16
Rebounds: Allen 7, James 6
Assists: Wade 6, James 5
Pacers leaders:
Points: Hibbert 23, Stephenson 20, Hill 19
Rebounds: Hibbert 12, West 12, Young 6
Assists: Hill 6, George 3, Augustin 3
GAME 5 @ Miami: Pacers 79-90 Heat
Pacers leaders:
Points: George 27, Hibbert 22, West 17
Rebounds: George 11, West 8, Hibbert 6
Assists: George 5, Hill 4, Stephenson 2
Heat leaders:
Points: James 30, Haslem 16, Chalmers 12
Rebounds: James 8, Wade 6, Bosh 5
Assists: James 6, Chalmers 6, Wade 4
GAME 6 @ Indiana: Heat 77-91 Pacers
Heat leaders:
Points: James 29, Wade 10, Chalmers 10
Rebounds: Anthony 8, James 7, Bosh 4
Assists: James 6, Cole 2
Pacers leaders:
Points: George 28, Hibbert 24, Hill 16
Rebounds: West 14, Stephenson 12, Hibbert 11
Assists: Hill 6, George 5, West 4, Stephenson 4
GAME 7 @ Miami: Pacers 76-99 Heat
Pacers leaders:
Points: Hibbert 18, West 14, Hill 13
Rebounds: Hibbert 8, George 7, West 6, Stephenson 6
Assists: Stephenson 5, George 4
Heat leaders:
Points: James 32, Wade 21, Allen 10
Rebounds: Wade 9, James 8, Bosh 8
Assists: James 4, Cole 4
Heat win series 4-3

Bulls survive Nets comeback push.

In the only first round series that went to seven games, the fifth seeded Chicago Bulls survive a comeback run by the fourth seeded Brooklyn Nets. Thisafter the Bulls go up 3-1 in the series, they allowed the Nets to come back and force a 7th game on the Nets’ home floor. However, the Bulls sealed the series on the road to advance to the second round.

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The Nets had a great first season since they moved from the Garden State of New Jersey to the New York City borough despite going through a coaching change during the middle of the season as Avery Johnson who led the Nets to a great start, faltered afterwards and was fired thus opening the door to PJ Carlesimo to call the shots for the Nets for the rest of the season. Brook Lopez had an All-Star year for the Nets, this despite Deron Williams having a rough season. Also helping the Nets cause are Gerald Wallace, Joe Johnson, Kris Humphries, CJ Watson and Andray Blatche to name some. The Nets took the opening game of the series. They lost the next three, but fought back to even the series and force a 7th game on their home floor. But their comeback bid came up short as their first season in Brooklyn ends in a tough home defeat.
As for the Bulls, they played all season long without their superstar Derrick Rose who was cleared by his doctors to play as early as January after his rehabilitation from the torn ACL he suffered in last year’s playoffs. Despite not having Rose on the floor, the Bulls kept themselves competitive led by All-Stars Luol Deng and Joakim Noah as well as Carlos Boozer. Outside of the frontcourt trio, they have Nate Robinson, Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson and Marco Belinelli to name some. They survived a comeback bid in this round as they went up 3-1 but lost the next two to set up a seventh and decisive game which they won on the road. It is still unclear if Rose will come to play in the next series, but the Bulls need to push themselves more in order to keep their playoff push alive.
The Bulls will face the defending NBA champions Miami Heat in the second round who are well rested after their sweep of the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round.
As for the Nets, they will look back on this series and the question on whether their head coach PJ Carlesimo will be back full time to call the shots next season, but as they say pro sports in Brooklyn is back.
Here are the scores from all games of the series:
Game 1 @ Brooklyn: Bulls 89-106 Nets
Bulls leaders:
Points: Boozer 25, Robinson 17, Butler 13, Belinelli 13
Rebounds: Boozer 8, Gibson 7, Noah 5
Assists: Boozer 4, Deng 3
Nets leaders:
Points: Williams 22, Lopez 21, Johnson 16
Rebounds: Evans 13, Wallace 6, Lopez 5
Assists: Williams 7, Johnson 4

Game 2 @ Brooklyn: Bulls 90-82 Nets

Bulls leaders:

Points: Deng 15, Boozer 13, Hinrich 13
Rebounds: Boozer 12, Deng 10, Noah 10
Assists: Hinrich 5, Deng 4, Noah 3
Nets leaders:
Points: Lopez 21, Johnson 17, Watson 10
Rebounds: Evans 8, Blatche 7, Lopez 5, Humphries 5
Assists: Williams 10, Watson 5, Johnson 4

Game 3 @ Chicago: Nets 76-79 Bulls

Nets leaders:
Points: Lopez 22, Williams 18, Johnson 15
Rebounds: Evans 12, Lopez 9, Wallace 4
Assists: Williams 4, Johnson 3, Watson 3

Bulls leaders:
Points: Boozer 22, Deng 21, Hinrich 12
Rebounds: Boozer 16, Deng 10, Noah 8

Assists: Boozer 3, Deng 3

Game 4 @ Chicago: Nets 134-142 Bulls (3OT)

Nets leaders:
Points: Williams 32, Lopez 26, Johnson 22
Rebounds: Evans 13, Lopez 11, Wallace 9

Assists: Williams 10, Wallace 4, Blatche 3, Watson 3

Bulls leaders:
Points: Robinson 34, Boozer 21, Hinrich 18
Rebounds: Noah 13, Boozer 8, Deng 8
Assists: Hinrich 14, Deng 6, Robinson 4

Game 5 @ Brooklyn: Bulls 91-110 Nets

Bulls leaders:
Points: Robinson 20, Butler 18, Deng 12

Rebounds: Boozer 10, Deng 8, Noah 4, Mohammed 4
Assists: Robinson 8, Butler 3, Deng 3

Nets leaders:
Points: Lopez 28, Williams 23, Blatche 13
Rebounds: Evans 12, Lopez 10, Humphries 6

Assists: Williams 10, Wallace 3, Lopez 2

Game 6 @ Chicago: Nets 95-92 Bulls

Nets leaders:
Points: Lopez 17, Johnson 17, Williams 17
Rebounds: Evans 15, Blatche 7, Humphries 4
Assists: Williams 11, Johnson 4, Wallace 3

Bulls leaders:
Points: Belinelli 22, Robinson 18, Butler 17
Rebounds: Noah 15, Boozer 13, Butler 7
Assists: Belinelli 7, Butler 6, Noah 5

Game 7 @ Brooklyn: Bulls 99-93 Nets

Bulls leaders:
Points: Noah 24, Belinelli 24, Boozer 17
Rebounds: Noah 14, Boozer 7, Belinelli 6
Assists: Butler 4, Robinson 4, Teague 3, Cook 3

Nets leaders:
Points: Williams 24, Lopez 21, Wallace 19
Rebounds: Evans 13, Lopez 9, Williams 6
Assists: Williams 7, Wallace 5, Blatche 4

Bulls win series 4-3



LeBron James lays it in on Paul Pierce
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The Miami Heat are back in the in the NBA Finals for the 2nd straight season as they defeat the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals at the American Airlines Arena 101-88. The Heat outscored the Celtics 55-35 in the 2nd half. The Heat shot 51% from the field while the Celtics only shot 47%. The Miami Heat will now face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2012 NBA Finals with Game 1 in Oklahoma City on June 13.

LeBron James led the Heat with a double-double 31 points and 12 rebounds on 9-21 FG shooting, 1-5 3PT shooting and 12-17 FT shooting. Dwayne Wade added 23 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists on 8-17 FG shooting and 7-8 FT shooting. Chris Bosh off the bench added 19 points and 8 rebounds on 8-10 FG shooting and 3-4 3PT shooting. Shane Battier added 12 points and 3 steals on 4-9 3PT shooting. Mario Chalmers added 9 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds on 4-6 FG shooting and 1-3 3PT shooting.

Rajon Rondo led the Celtics with a triple-double 22 points, 14 assists and 10 rebounds on 10-22 FG shooting and 1-2 3PT shooting. Paul Pierce added 19 points and 4 rebounds on 7-18 FG shooting, 2-6 3PT shooting and 3-5 FT shooting. Brandon Bass added 16 points, 5 rebounds and 4 steals on 6-8 FG shooting and 4-4 FT shooting. Ray Allen added 15 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals on 5-11 FG shooting and 3-8 3PT shooting. Kevin Garnett added 14 points and 7 rebounds on 6-12 FG shooting.

2012 NBA Playoffs Bracket (as of 12:24 PHT)


#1 Spurs vs #2 Thunder


#2 Heat vs #4 Celtics


NBA Daily Blog Playoff Edition: Celtics advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, beats the 76ers in Game 7 85-75.

Rajon Rondo lays it in
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The Boston Celtics advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the third time in five seasons as they defeat the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 of their second round series at the TD Garden 85-75. The Celtics will now face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals with Game 1 of that series to be played down in Miami on May 29. For the second straight season, a #8 team gets knocked out in the second round by a #4 team in 7 games (Last year, the #8 team in the West, the Memphis Grizzlies got knocked out in 7 games against the #4 team the Oklahoma City Thunder)

Rajon Rondo led the Celtics with a triple-double 18 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists with 3 steals, including 11 points in the final minutes of the 4th quarter after Paul Pierce fouled out with 4:16 left in the 4th and the Celtics led by only 3 points 71-68. Kevin Garnett finished with a double-double 18 points and 13 rebounds with 2 steals. Brandon Bass scored 16 points. Pierce added 15 points, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks and 2 steals. Ray Allen added 11 points and 4 rebounds.

Andre Iguodala led the 76ers with 18 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. Jrue Holiday added 15 points, 9 assists and 5 steals. Elton Brand also scored 15 points with 6 rebounds before fouling out in the 4th quarter. Lou Williams off the bench scored 7. Thaddeus Young pulled down 10 rebounds with 6 points.

2012 NBA Playoffs Bracket (as of 13:01 PHT)


#1 Spurs vs #2 Thunder
Game 1: May 28, 8:30 am PHT Channel TBD


#4 Celtics vs #8 76ers

#2 Heat vs #4 Celtics
Game 1: May 29, 8:30 am PHT Channel TBD

#2 Heat vs #3 Pacers


One of the greatest games in Philippine basketball history. B-Meg defeats Talk ‘n Text in Game 7 to win Commissioner’s Cup.

B-Meg Llamados celebrate their Commissioner’s Cup victory.

Last night, I was at home watching Game 7 of the PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals between two heavyweight teams, the B-Meg Llamados and the Talk ‘n Text Tropang Texters. After 6 games of a tightly contested series, it all came down to this one final showdown between these two talented teams. I was rooting for the Llamados to win the title.

The contest was tightly contested as both teams fought over for control of the game. B-Meg came out of the gates early led by their trio of import Denzel Bowles, James Yap and Peter June Simon, but Talk ‘n Text came roaring back led by Jimmy Alapag, Jayson Castro, import Donnell Harvey and their deep cast of players as they took control of the game right down to the 4th quarter. Unfortunately for Talk ‘n Text in the 4th, the lose key players along the way like three-point marksman Ranidel de Ocampo to cramps, defensive dynamo Ryan Reyes who has been successful in hounding James Yap defensively to a sore left knee, import Donnell Harvey to fouls and even Jimmy Alapag to cramps. B-Meg took advantage of the situation made a late surge that cut the Talk ‘n Text lead to 2 points at 74-76. They had possession with 13 seconds left in the game. James Yap missed a three pointer, but got the ball back and made a pass to Denzel Bowles who missed the lay-up at the buzzer.

After the play I thought that the game was over and Talk ‘n Text had won the title, but a twist of fate came along as the referees called a foul on Kelly Williams on the Bowles lay-up. So Bowles came down to the line with the team’s fortunes hanging by the palm of his hands and took two free throws under pressure which he sinks to tie the game at 76. Talk ‘n Text had 1.2 seconds to work with, but they have
 no timeouts as Jayson Castro went for a full-court heave that went offline.

Well, as luck turned out we’re going to overtime.

In overtime, Bowles took over, the Best Import of the Conference led the Llamados scoring 11 of the Llamados 14 points in overtime as the Tropang Texters had no answers against Bowles after Talk ‘n Text import Harvey fouled out in the 4th and eventually their other big man Ali Peek fouled out in overtime. Bowles finished with an impressive statline 39 points, 21 rebounds and 3 blocks. A double-double for the B-Meg import.

The final score: B-Meg Llamados 90-84 Talk ‘n Text Tropang Texters

It was an emotional win for the Llamados as seen on the highlights, the entire team from the players like Bowles who was emotional after sinking the two clutch free throws that sent the game into overtime to coach Tim Cone and his assistant coaches, to team manager Alvin “The Captain” Patrimonio who had led the franchise to victories as a player when the team was called Purefoods, and to the entire B-Meg Planet present at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and those watching on television around the Philippines in which coach Cone quotes that he never experienced a fan base that gave their wholehearted love and support to the team.

James Yap was crowned the Finals MVP. Yap finished with 12 points in Game 7. Peter June Simon who struggled in the last 3 games came alive and added 14 points. While point guard Josh Urbiztondo added 12 points.

You’ve got to give credit to the Tropang Texters who were resilient up to the final moments and kept on fighting despite losing players during the course of the game. Jimmy Alapag led the Tropang Texters with 29 points. Import Donnell Harvey scored 16 before fouling out in the 4th quarter. Larry Fonacier scored 11. Ali Peek scored 10 before fouling out in overtime. Also give credit to Jayson Castro and the rest of the Talk ‘n Text team led by coach Chot Reyes, they put on a thriller of a series.

This game could be mentioned as one of the greatest games in Philippine basketball history. Words can describe this game: emotional, thrilling, all-out, resilient, loud, and many words to describe this game. Everything in a Game 7 you can ask for were on display in this great game between these two teams.

Well, I can say that it is one of the greatest games that I have witnessed in my entire life. I myself want to watch replays of this game for this was a epic showdown for the ages.

Once again, Congratulations to the B-Meg Llamados for winning the 2012 PBA Commissioner’s Cup. A well deserved victory.