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QuizUp: The app that will light up your brains.

Last month, I kept on looking for applications I can use with my phone. An application I will enjoy for the long-term. Then as I browse through the Google Play Store, I found the app that will change my life forever. I’m here to tell you more about the applications and the experiences I had playing it over the last month.

Photo ©Plain Vanilla Games

QuizUp is an app developed by Plain Vanilla Games. It was first launched last year on the App Store for iOS users. It was only last March when they released the application on the Google Play Store for Android users. QuizUp is an application to test your knowledge on a range of different topics. From topics about Geography, Sports, Nature, Science, Business, Music, TV, Arts, Games, and a range of other topics that add up as the days go by. Recently, they added a FIFA World Cup category with topics about the event and the nations participating in it.

Each game of QuizUp is composed of 7 questions worth a total of 160 points. The first six questions are worth 20 points each. While the last question has double points where a player can get a maximum of 40 points. It’s also a game of speed as players are given 10 seconds to answer. A second lost would mean a point off the score (2 points on the last question). There is also a finish bonus of 40 points if you finish all 7 questions and a win bonus of 100 points in you win the match. In case of a draw, the victory bonus is halved to 50 points. Yes, draws happen and count with your records. No victory bonus is given in losses.

For a person like me who grew fond of quiz bee competitions over the past couple of years. Having been tested under time pressure a countless number of times. This app is a perfect fit for me and something I enjoy playing on a daily basis. Over the last month, I played a range of different topics. I won most of my games, but also drawn or lost a couple. It was just yesterday, when I reached a total of 1000 levels played on QuizUp. Here are some photos of my experience with the app:

 Yes, I played a couple of rounds in German.
As of writing, I lead in three categories in the Philippines.
Passed the 1,000 level mark yesterday.
Photos ©Karl Carandang
So for those who love to test their brains on a host of different topics. QuizUp is the application for you. It is available on the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.
My brain is being teased every single day!