The best team won the marbles.

The 2014-15 NBA season came to an end today as the Golden State Warriors were crowned the 2015 NBA Champions after knocking off the Cleveland Cavaliers in six games. The Warriors ended a long 40 year franchise title drought when Rick Barry and his squad led the franchise to a championship back in 1975. Now, the Bay Area and countless Warriors fans from around the world are celebrating the success of the team.

Stephen Curry who was the league’s Most Valuable Player made history during the playoffs. He shot and made the most threes in a playoff run. He also became the first guy to face and defeat all 4 players alongside himself on the All-NBA First Team. Anthony Davis in Round 1, Marc Gasol in Round 2, James Harden in the Western Conference Finals and now LeBron James in the NBA Finals. Capping off a memorable season for a player that went through adversity to start his career and now has tasted championship gold.

But Curry wasn’t alone in his quest for a championship. As a matter fact, the entire Warriors squad went through the journey as a team. Klay Thompson, his fellow Splash Brother and All-Star made them the most prolific three point shooting combo in NBA history as well as giving a huge effort on the defensive end. Draymond Green, who gave toughness and versatility to the squad going through a massive improvement from the previous season. The eventual Finals MVP in Andre Iguodala who took a leap of faith during the regular season when he resorted himself to the bench. Eventually, picking up his stride in the playoffs and the Finals to make big plays. Everybody else on the roster also picked up their strive all season long, veterans such as Andrew Bogut, Shaun Livingston, Leandro Barbosa as well as the young players such as Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli.

Steve Kerr in his first year as a head coach in the NBA, has to be given a ton of credit. He led them to a 67-15 record with almost the same core group from the previous season. He has done an amazing job coaching the team all season long. 

The Warriors basically shattered the long standing myth in basketball that “Jump shooting teams don’t win titles.” Their barrage from the three point line has been a sight to see for any fan. I have to admit, they still cause me nightmares to this day, 19 days after they took my team the Houston Rockets out in the Western Conference Finals with that prolific shooting display. But despite the fact, I did not root for them in this series. They truly deserved to win the championship.

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the men on the receiving end of the celebration on their home floor. We have to give them the props and the respect they deserve. First with LeBron James

I have to go on record to say that for the time he donned a Miami Heat jersey, I loathed him after he made “The Decision” to leave Cleveland for Miami where he won 2 NBA championships with the South Florida franchise. Sure, I got a ton of heat from a lot of legitimate LeBron fans over the matter. When he decided to come back to Cleveland this season. I was happy, but not too excited about what he might do now he’s back. But after what I saw during the season to the NBA Finals, and looking back at what he has done during his career. He made me into a believer again. He willed his team through thick and thin during the course of the season. And after enduring a season of which my squad were the villains of the league, now I completely understand what it feels like to see your squad on the receiving end of all the criticism and hate from the fans.

The 51 year long title drought that the city of Cleveland has endured may have not ended. But the Cavaliers roster fought valiantly in this series. They went through adversity all season long. From going 19-20 to start the season. Going through roster changes during the season. Faced injuries to key players in their rotation during the season and the playoffs. Gotta give props to their coach David Blatt who with Kerr was also a rookie head coach in the NBA after plying his trade overseas.That despite the disadvantages they have during the course of the series.  Sure, the rest of the Cavaliers roster had sporadic moments. However, they made this series a enjoyable affair for the fan.

And that concludes the 2014-15 NBA season. Once again, congratulations to the Warriors on winning the NBA championship and ending their 40 year title drought. 

Kudos to the Cavaliers for a great season and a well-fought NBA Finals series.

I’m really glad that this roller-coaster of a season has come to an end. Took a lot out of me to be quite honest. This has been a fun season to watch. So until then, NBA basketball will be back in October for the 2015-16 NBA season. And I end by saying. 

Savor the moment Dub Nation. But Red Nation will be back for vengeance next season.