Two years down, a lot more to come!

On April 8, 2012. I returned from blogging after a three year absence. Thus, the thought ladder that this blog is was born. Over the last two years, I’ve been writing chronicles over different things from my own life story, to sports and travel as well as many other topics.

Well, it’s been a good ride so far. Over 21,000 hits all-time on Blogger and 6,000+ views all-time on WordPress. I’ll continue to expand this thought ladder with new blog entries. Though, there was a long lull before I got to blog once again. Yeah, so I’m looking forward to write more blog entries. Starting off with my NBA Playoffs preview at the end of the regular season. Also, I’ll give a recap of every series of the NBA Playoffs from the first round until the NBA Finals. My yearly birthday blog, as well as many more stories along this summer break I’m having before heading into the workforce.

So yeah, we’re moving forward with this. I won’t keep it long, but sit back and enjoy the ride as this thought ladder grows with every post. Thanks to everyone who kept in touch with this blog! Looking forward to spend another year with you PEEPS!

Thoughts and ladders!

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