Pacers advance to Round 2 for 2nd straight year.

In a series full of double-digit victories, the third seeded Indiana Pacers wrapped up the sixth seeded Atlanta Hawks in six gamesto advance to the second round for the second straight season.

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The Hawks returned to the playoffs for the sixth straight season, that is after they lost one of their main men in Joe Johnson through a trade with the Nets. They were led by Josh Smith who should have been an All-Star this season if not for his off-court troubles. Al Horford had another great season in a Hawks uniform. While Jeff Teague had a career year. They also got help from Kyle Korver, Deshawn Stevenson, Ivan Johnson to name some. They fought their hearts out especially coming back in Game 6 from a huge deficit, but they eventually came up short on their home floor.
As for the Pacers, they won the Central Division title for the first time since 2004 despite losing their main man from their last playoff run Danny Granger to injuries which kept him out for most of the season. With Granger’s absence, Paul George stepped up his game leading to a All-Star season for him. Together with David West, George Hill, Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson and DJ Augustin. The Pacers turned around a bad start to their season as they were able to get back in third place in the Eastern Conference standings. Now, they’ll be back in the second round as their playoff run to prove continues.
The Pacers will now face the second seeded New York Knicks who wrapped up the seventh seeded Boston Celtics in similar fashion as the Pacers setting up a rebirth between these two fierce rivals from the 1990’s.
As for the Hawks, the spotlight is now on Josh Smith who is a free agent this offseason, will he stay in his hometown team or move to another team for next season? A lot of uncertainty lies in “The Highlight Factory” this off-season.
Now here are the scores from all games of the series:
Game 1 @ Indiana: Hawks 90-107 Pacers
Hawks leaders:
Points: Teague 21, Smith 15, Horford 14
Rebounds: Smith 8, Horford 6, Johnson 5
Assists: Teague 7, Smith 5, Horford 3, Mack 3
Pacers leaders:
Points: George 23, Hill 18, Hibbert 16
Rebounds: George 11, West 9, Hibbert 8
Assists: George 12, Stephenson 4
Game 2 @ Indiana: Hawks 98-113 Pacers
Hawks leaders:
Points: Harris 17, Smith 16, Teague 16
Rebounds: Horford 10, Smith 6, Stevenson 5
Assists: Horford 5, Teague 5, Harris 4
Pacers leaders:
Points: George 27, Hill 22, Hibbert 15, Green 15
Rebounds: Hibbert 9, George 8, Pendergraph 7
Assists: George 3, West 3, Hibbert 3, Hill 3, Augustin 3
Game 3 @ Atlanta: Pacers 69-90 Hawks

Pacers leaders:
Points: West 18, George 16, Green 10
Rebounds: George 9, Hibbert 9, Hansbrough 9
Assists: Hill 3, Stephenson 2, West 2
Hawks leaders:
Points: Horford 26, Smith 14, Teague 13
Rebounds: Horford 16, Johnson 7, Smith 6, Teague 6
Assists: Smith 6, Teague 5, Harris 4
Game 4 @ Atlanta: Pacers 91-102 Hawks
Pacers leaders:
Points: George 21, West 15, Hibbert 14
Rebounds: George 12, Stephenson 9, Hibbert 7
Assists: Stephenson 8, Hill 6
Hawks leaders:
Points: Smith 29, Korver 19, Horford 18
Rebounds: Smith 11, Petro 8, Horford 5, Harris 5, Korver 5, Johnson 5
Assists: Teague 6, Harris 6, Smith 4, Horford 4
Game 5 @ Indiana: Hawks 83-106 Pacers
Hawks leaders:
Points: Smith 14, Horford 14, Harris 13
Rebounds: Horford 9, Smith 5, Korver 5
Assists: Teague 5, Harris 3, Horford 2
Pacers leaders:
Points: West 24, George 21, Hibbert 18
Rebounds: Stephenson 12, George 10, Hibbert 9
Assists: Hill 10, George 5, Stephenson 4
Game 6 @ Atlanta: Pacers 81-73 Hawks
Pacers leaders:
Points: West 21, Hill 21, Hibbert 17
Rebounds: Hibbert 11, Stephenson 11, West 8
Assists: George 7, Stephenson 6
Hawks leaders:
Points: Horford 15, Smith 14, Harris 14
Rebounds: Smith 9, Horford 7, Petro 6
Assists: Smith 3, Horford 3, Teague 3
Pacers win series 4-2

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