Warriors win the high-octane wars.

In a battle of two highoctane teams. TheYoungbloods” prevailed as the sixth seeded Golden State Warriors pull off a stunning first round victory against the athletic and tall third seeded Denver Nuggets in six thrilling games to advance to the second round.

 Photos ©NBA
The Nuggets had a great regular season where they finished with a franchise best 57 wins in the season. However, they suffered a big loss before the start of the playoffs when Danilo Gallinari suffered a season-ending injury. The Nuggets showed their athleticism and their experience advantage over the Warriors all series long. As well as their huge depth with players like Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala, Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller and JaVale McGee. They won two games in this series, one on a Andre Miller game-winner in Game 1, and pushed the series to a Game 6 with a win in Game 5 at home. Unfortunately, they were unable to take advantage in full of their strengths of their Warriors as one of their best seasons in franchise history ends in bitter defeat.
The Warriors used their high octane offense to their advantage led by their “Splash Brothers” duo of Stephen Curry who is the 4th best scorer in the NBA Playoffs and Klay Thompson. They also withstand the loss of David Lee for most of the series after he suffered an injury in Game 1. Lee, came back to play a few minutes in Game 6. Outside of Curry, the Warriors got big contributions from Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Carl Landry, Jarrett Jack and Draymond Green throughout the series. They won all three home games as well as Game 2 in Denver. Now these Warriors from the Bay Area are ready to bring their all on to the next round.
The Warriors will now face the second seeded San Antonio Spurs in the second round who have been resting since their sweep of the Lakers in the first round.
As for the Nuggets, they suffered another first round exit. Now it’s a matter of how will they improve come next season, and could we see some changes in personnel along the way? That we will have to see as their off-season begins now.
Now here are the scores from all games of the series:
GAME 1 @ Denver: Warriors 95-97 Nuggets
Warriors leaders:
Points: Thompson 22, Curry 19, Landry 14
Rebounds: Bogut 12, Lee 12, Jack 8
Assists: Jack 10, Curry 9, Bogut 3
Nuggets leaders:
Points: Miller 28, Lawson 12, Chandler 11, Fournier 11
Rebounds: Chandler 13, Iguodala 10, Koufos 7
Assists: Miller 5, Iguodala 5, Lawson 4
GAME 2 @ Denver: Warriors 131-117 Nuggets
Warriors leaders:
Points: Curry 30, Jack 26, Barnes 24
Rebounds: Bogut 8, Barnes 6, Curry 5
Assists: Curry 13, Jack 7, Thompson 2, Barnes 2
Nuggets leaders:
Points: Lawson 19, Brewer 19, Iguodala 18, Miller 18
Rebounds: Chandler 6, Miller 5, Iguodala 4
Assists: Lawson 12, Iguodala 7, Miller 5
GAME 3 @ Golden State: Nuggets 108-110 Warriors

Nuggets leaders:
Points: Lawson 35, Brewer 16, Faried 15
Rebounds: Chandler 9, Faried 7, Iguodala 5
Assists: Lawson 10, Iguodala 5, Miller 4
Warriors leaders:
Points: Curry 29, Jack 23, Barnes 19, Landry 19
Rebounds: Bogut 9, Barnes 7, Jack 5, Landry 5, Green 5
Assists: Curry 11, Jack 7
GAME 4 @ Golden State: Nuggets 101-115 Warriors
Nuggets leaders:
Points: Lawson 26, Iguodala 19, Brewer 14
Rebounds: Faried 12, Iguodala 8
Assists: Lawson 6, Chandler 3, Iguodala 2
Warriors leaders:
Points: Curry 31, Jack 21, Landry 17
Rebounds: Green 6, Bogut 5, Jack 5
Assists: Jack 9, Curry 7, Thompson 5
GAME 5 @ Denver: Warriors 100-107 Nuggets
Warriors leaders:
Points: Barnes 23, Jack 20, Thompson 19
Rebounds: Barnes 9, Jack 6, Thompson 6
Assists: Curry 8, Jack 5, Green 3
Nuggets leaders:
Points: Iguodala 25, Lawson 19, Chandler 19
Rebounds: Iguodala 12, Faried 10, McGee 8
Assists: Lawson 10, Iguodala 7, Miller 5
GAME 6 @ Golden State: Nuggets 88-92 Warriors
Nuggets leaders:
Points: Iguodala 24, Lawson 17, Chandler 11, Faried 11
Rebounds: Faried 11, McGee 10, Iguodala 9
Asssists: Iguodala 6, Lawson 6, Chandler 3, Miller 3
Warriors leaders:
Points: Curry 22, Green 16, Bogut 14
Rebounds: Bogut 21, Green 10, Barnes 5, Landry 5, Curry 5
Assists: Curry 8, Jack 4, Bogut 3
Warriors win series 4-2

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