Back when OPM had a life of it’s own.

When I was browsing through my music playlist on my PC and on the iPod, I noticed most of my OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs were from either the 90’s or the early 2000’s, with a small touch from the old classics of Apo Hiking Society and a few songs made in the late 2000’s. It made me think, how come I‘m not downloading much OPM songs today as I was before.

Well, OPM music has changed over the times. One thing I can’t get enough of OPM music on the playlist I have is the message of the songs in which some I can relate to in my life. Take for example, the late great “King of Rap” Francis Magalonaand his song “Kaleidoscope World” which shows that we live in a world full of color, both good and bad. Let us also not forget that he is a patriotic person in his songs from hits like “Mga Kababayan Ko, “Ito Ang Gusto Koand “Man from Manila”. Come and think of it also, his raps were clean and really sends a great message and an inspiration to many who have come to listen to their hits. He may have passed away, but his hits will live on many Filipinos for many years to come.

Francis M

Also, I’m a huge Parokya ni Edgar fan because their songs talk about life itself. Take for example “Harana” which talks about how Filipino men of the time woo a lady through singing to the tune of their guitars in front of the lady’s house. “Buloy” which talks about the everyday hardships of the average Filipino. Sayang” which talks about missing the opportunity to get the right person in life. “Barkada” which talks about the features of a tightly knit friendship with a bunch of people with different upbringings in life. As well as “Halaga” which talks about the importance of taking care of a good lady in life.

Parokya ni Edgar

Well, you don’t know Filipino music if you haven’t heard about the Eraserheads, dubbed as “The Beatles of the Philippines” for bringing songs that go straight to every Filipino. From their hits “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, “Alapaap”, “Tindahan ni Aling Nena“, “Toyang”, “Magasin” and a ton of others over their years as a band from the 1990s until they disbanded in the early 2000s.

There have been a lot of other noteworthy bands to include like Rivermaya, Hale, Cueshe, Sponge Cola, Sandwich, Bamboo, Kamikazee, 6 Cycle Mind, Silent Sanctuary who have also made great hits which can relate to a ton of people who have listen to their songs. Even with the changing times, I still listen to their hits, because they gave me a lot of inspiration to live my life to the fullest and brought me a lot of lessons about everyday life. Finally, one thing I like about those songs is that they came out of the blue and when the people behind those songs thought about it when they least expected.
Which brings me to the question, how come I’m not into OPM songs which come out at the present time? Unfortunately on my part, I don’t like watching music channels anymore because most of the times, they’ll put up a ton of Korean songs which I’m not into that much, unlike most people do nowadays. Right now, it’s unfortunate that if you’re going to be a singer here in the country, you must have the looks and the flair, while they don’t touch a lot on the music and the message of each song, which is a hit on the face on my end. Especially, music on my part, motivates and drives me to get better in life. Also, most Filipino singers nowadays just do covers of songs, and if they do come off with an original composition, it would not have a deep and strong message to show to the people. Don’t forget, there is no day here in the Philippines when the people do not put those people on the “Trending Topics” list on Twitter, not only here in the Philippines, but also Worldwide which can be somewhat an eyesore for some people including myself.
I remember Ogie Alcasid who is an advocate of OPM music. It’s good to see people still advocating the best of OPM music has to offer. I admire his passion and patriotic ideals in promoting Filipino music not only to Filipinos but also to other walks of life. However, nowadays based on the songs of the present OPM scene. It can be an eyesore and definitely not worth listening to on the radio, computer or mp3 players. However, these things can all change if the current artists can go back to the roots of OPM music in order to make hits that will touch a lot of Filipinos here and abroad.
As I wrap this entry up, I like to thank my buddy Sam for giving me the inspiration to write this entry today. It was all worth the talk we had last night about these things and I hope to see you around very soon. I hope the inspiration I gave you will be good for you to write your own blog like mine, and don’t forget to hook me up when you’re blog is live and kickin’
OPM will always be a part of every Filipino’s life