One year since it all began again, and I’m still swinging.

Last year on this date, this blog called “Never back down, never ever give up: The thoughts of K-Smoove” was born out of my own desire to return to blogging again after sitting out for three years. 365 days later and after 169 blog entries. We are now on Year 2 of my thought ladder (The WordPress blog will follow suit 2 days from now).

Now I’m on my 170th blog entry and the very first one on Year 2 of this thought ladder of mine, first I would like to thank each and every one who have been following this blog over the past year as I blog about my own life stories, basketball, tips, and all other things on my thought ladder. Please keep in check on my blog as we continue into Year 2 of the thought ladder. Also, please do share my blog with your peers and if you happen to have a Blogger and/or WordPress account, do follow my blog.

On year two, keep in touch because the 2013 NBA Playoffs and Finals is closing in. As I’ll bring you the latest from the playoff run of the 16 teams which will qualify in the NBA Playoffs and will chase some championship gold this June. As well as the continuing saga of my journey throughout the best of what life can offer.

Once again, sit back and enjoy the ride.

all in on year 2


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