Down south for some cool mountain air and the "Ala Eh!" feeling.

Last week, me and five of my blockmates went south to my home provinceof Batangas (though I‘m a person who was born and raised in the metropolis for most of my life). We went there as part of our research for one of our projects. We went to the area by public transportation, taking a jeep from school to the LRT station for a train ride to the bus terminal where we took a bus to the destination. We first visited the municipal hall of Sto. Tomas(which is my father’s hometown)for official business, then afterwards we went to my grandmother’s place for the night. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with the final moments of the PCCL Finals and I was able to witness UST’s victoryover Ateneo in Game 3 for the championship. Then, me and my cousin, went back to town to order dinner for myself and my blockmates as well as drinking water. Afterwards, we settled for the night. As expected, the cool air made for a comfortable and good night sleep.

The following day, the rest of my family arrived from Manila, then me and my blockmates went to the next town which is Tanauan City where the annual Ala Eh! Festival is being held. One of my blockmates who did not join us the first time joined on that day as well. We saw the parade showcasing every city and town in the province of Batangas. We also came to stream of shops from the locals including products from each city and municipality of the province. We had a great time there. Afterwards, we went back to Sto. Tomas to look for land around town for the project we are working on. After scouting the area, we went back home, then my blockmates brought their bags and left going back to Manila.

Well, after my blockmates left, I rested for most of the day. The following day, we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday at a nearby resort by the mountain for lunch. After the party, we packed our things and went back home to Manila.

It was a rewarding time to be back in my home province to get some cool air. As well as the opportunity to do something we want to achieve and make possible in the future. This is just the start of something BIG. I‘ll be back in town soon, and this time I’ll make the most of my time there.

Back home for a reason worth pursuing.