Winding down the year.

Here we are, we bid good bye to November and we are now on the final month of every year. December, and Christmas is right around the corner. The temperature is going down here in Manila, and were seeing hot afternoons and cool nights. Call this bipolar weather. Cool nights mean that waking up in the morning will be always be a challenge, especially you’re sleeping well in cooler weather. A full month for the second semester is in the books.

Well, I have accepted a lot of leadership roles in some of the activities/projects we will have soon. Thus giving me opportunities to prove myself and lay all my cards on the table to deliver one great push. Well as they quote “With great power comes great responsibility.I’m all in to put everything on the line for the success of each endeavor I will pursue. It has been a roller-coaster of a semester already, and it’s not going to get pretty as each day rolls along. Like I said before, I keep my head down, focused and ready to strike and come in each and every day with a positive mindset.

Well, in two weeks it’s going to be the CTHM College Week, and it will be filled with a ton of activities for our college,and in three weeks time, it’sthe annual Thomasian christmas party called “Paskuhan, leading up to the Christmas break which is shorter than previous years. Christmas parties are being prepared everywhere, especially in a country with the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Christmas lights and decorations are up at homes, roads, and other places. Well for Christmas, I do not hope for a lot of Christmas gifts, but if I get lucky to get things on my wishlist, then I’ll be happy about it. I’m not really a gift giving person, but on exchange gifts, I give my very best to give a great gift to the person who I picked to give a gift for Christmas.

Another year is coming to an end, time really flew by fast. I really hope for something great to cap the year off in high spirits.

Winding down the road.