Multiply: Retrieve and relieve the memories of a great social networking platform.

As stated in my previous blog post, is shutting down it’s social networking service on December 1, 2012 in favor of continuing and developing it’s booming e-commerce service.

Recently, the site gave users an opportunity to retrieve their photos, blogs, videos, and other things. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to get your files.

Step 1: Log-in your Multiply account

Step 2: Head to your home page.

Photo ©Karl Carandang

Step 3: There are three links below the head-shot and these links can help you in retrieving/saving the contents of your site.
1. Download Media – this is where you can download your photos and videos, as well as other site content like backgrounds and graphics you have added to your page.
2. Export to Blogger – exports your blog contents to your Blogger blog/account.
3. Export to Tumblr – exports your blog contents to your Tumblr blog/account.

These content retrieval methods will be open until the social networking feature of Multiply officially closes its doors on December 1, 2012.  Better start now, if you want to save your memories of running a Multiply page or you can simply let it pass and not retrieve the files.

Like I said before, running a Multiply site was one of the best moments of my life, but as they say “All good things must come to an end.” I’ll retrieve my files very soon and cherish the final days of a site that was worth running for 3 years of my life.

I’ll retrieve you very soon.

We SHINED in the DARK. But the work is not over.

After 3 months (at the most) of trials and tribulations, all the success and failures, the preparations and the events leading up to it. It all came down to one Sunday afternoon at the AFP Theater. As the class 3T5 presented Silhouette: A Glint in the Dark, The Search for the Next Miss Tourism Ambassadress 2012 which combines the two varying concepts pageant and dark tourism which has never been done before.

A lot has happened since the time we were conceptualizing the theme and concept for our event to the day of the event itself, to the times when our unity and camaraderie were tested on multiple occasions that tested our integrity and cohesiveness as a section, to the many successful ventures as well as ventures that came up short, now it all came down to one afternoon inside a large theater within a military camp, one shot of getting it right, and one opportunity to show everyone that we are one and we are 3T5.

On the event itself, I was up front at the lobby greeting the guests who are coming in and out of the venue as well giving out souvenirs to the hundreds of people who came in to witness the event.

Anything could go wrong during the entire duration of event, However, despite some criticisms, miscues and accidents. Our event was a resounding success. Even though the event started a little late, the production went well and the response from the audience about the event was generally good. Eventually, the title of Miss Tourism Ambassadress went to the candidate from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Ms. Jo-ann Flores. I do not have the photos of the event as I am writing this blog, but we will have them very soon.

So once again, on behalf of class 3T5, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude each and every one of you who came out to spend a Sunday afternoon of your life with us as well as supporting our event through social media. Our event would have not been successful without your presence and support. Congratulations to all the contestants from the 15 other participating schools, you did very well during the entire duration of the competition. We would also like to thank our sponsors, our event would have not been possible without your support. We also would like to thank the UST-CTHM administration and faculty for extending support for our event. We would also like to thank Mr. Arnel Cruz, our instructor for Meetings and Events Management Class.

On a personal note, I would extend my biggest thanks to my fellow blockmates, the class 3T5. I may have been a “Devil’s Advocate”, the “antagonist”for most of the times leading up to the event, but I would like to thank each and every one of them for keeping me in check when the times were rough. So I will mention all my blockmates, starting off with our captain, “Cap” as I would refer to her, Michelle, our overall event chairman for keeping her integrity in every challenge we as a class had to endure for the past 3 months. To Hosanna our Executive Assistant, Carms our Production Head and Kat our Administrative Head for keeping all of us in check when the chairman is not around. Jeanie our Secretariat, and Kim our Assistant Secretariat. Isa our Budget Head, and Alyssa our auditor. Kym, our Creative Lead. The Programs committee led by Ronileen with Jeruinne, Beah, Cza and Rosary. The Marketing committee led by Cae with Jean, Nicole, Yna, Ellah, Ate KC, Gui, Angel, Badeth, Abi, Dek and Era. The PATS committee led by Claudine with Marx, Amethy, Kate and Ate Monique. The Personnel committee led by Arjay with Prici, Mela, Trixia, Mai, Lak and Shane. My secondary committee the Registration and Logistics committee led by Trudeece with Fatima, Hannah, Precious, Jessica and Hazel. Finally, to my main committee, the Documentation committee led by Riana with my fellow staffers in Pau, Marrick and Sheila.

Well, as a part of the Documentation committee, the work is not done for us. Actually, the real work has just begun for us. Since I’ll be responsible in writing down the events and happenings during our event. All I need right now is a lot of inspiration and dedication to my craft, as shown in all the jobs and tasks I accomplished leading up to our event. Aside from this, there are other commitments in school that we need to work on from research papers to video projects, to quizzes and other kinds of school activities that will come our was as the semester winds down to the last 2 weeks before the Final Examinations are up.

I feel awesome and good that it generally went well for us during the event and was a redeeming grace for me after all the failures I endured and lessons I learned leading up to the day of the event. even though there were some unfortunate events, at some points I myself got sick and had to miss time in class, it all went well. The hardest part may be over, but there are still a lot of unfinished business to work on, and I still need to push even harder to pull off a feat I am trying to achieve right now.

We SHINED in the DARK. 3T5 is all in.

The challenge is on. Can you shine in the dark?

Well today, there are no classes in UST, that is after heavy rainfall once again flooded the campus causing more than 1500 students to be stranded on campus for the night. They were well taken care off by the university as they were given food and a place to rest for the night. The floods have now subsided and the people who got stranded on campus have returned to their homes, which is very good news. I may say like it, but this has given me a chance to write something here again.

Anyways, personally I face a challenge of my own. Knowing that I have not been up to my standards and my own element. I must work even harder to bounce back on my studies, because right now I’m living through adversity and pressure. Which is something I have proven time and time again to bounce back from over my whole life.

It is true that the challenge is on and I will make the best out of these challenges I face right now. There are a lot of tests and challenges to come. I look with my head up high and ready to bring it all on the line.

Once again, I would like to invite everyone to our event:

Silhouette: A Glint in the Dark
The Search for the Next Miss Tourism Ambassadress
In cooperation with the League of Tourism Students of the Philippines
and the Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines
For more information, like our official event page on Facebook:
and follow our Twitter account:
September 23, 2012
AFP Theater, Cubao, Quezon City
Also, We would also like to invite everyone to visit our booth at the 2nd Floor of the Albertus Magnus Building until this Friday, September 14, 2012 and watch the Pre-Pageant at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium on Thursday September 13, 2012.

On a busy month. Let’s roll.

So yes, the month of September is well under way, and well I have been busy lately working on school work and other commitments. Until today, I have not found time to blog. Today is my chance so let’s get this show on the road.

Anyways, let me start off by promoting our own event:

Silhouette: A Glint in the Dark
The Search for the Next Miss Tourism Ambassadress
In cooperation with the League of Tourism Students of the Philippines and 
the Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines
It will be held on September 23, 2012 at the AFP Theater, Cubao, Quezon City.
For more information, please do like our official event page on Facebook:
and follow our official Twitter account:
We have been working hard to get this event rolling along, as last Wednesday and Thursday we went out for our room-to-room promotion among our fellow students in CTHM at the Albertus Magnus Building. Though there were mixed feelings throughout the whole week, it was a blast for me. Especially, I get to tell the details about getting to our venue. It was a great honor and awesome feeling to share our event to the people who were there during our room-to-room promotions.
This is just the start, there is still a long way to go, and there are other things to do as well aside from this event we are organizing like the schoolwork in other subjects like the Library Resarch Paper in English, the oral exams in French, and many other kinds of schoolwork.
Aside from life at CTHM, I am also here to talk about our “Comeback Cats”, the UST Growling Tigers. After a tough defeat against the De La Salle Green Archers on a Jeron Teng walk-off game winner 51-53. The Tigers responded with two come from behind victories. That’s why they are called the “Comeback Cats” of the UAAP this season.
First was a victory over the Adamson Soaring Falcons last September 1 83-79, the win caps off a undefeated elimination round for the Tigers playing inside the Smart Araneta Coliseum at 6-0. The Tigers were down 6 in the 4th quarter, but were able to pull off the comeback after Adamson’s offense deteriorated in the end game. The Tigers were led by Jeric Teng who returned to his old form before he got injured early in the 1st round of eliminations by scoring 22points and 6 reboounds, Karim Abdul added 19 points, 9 rebounds and 3 blocks. Aljon Mariano came up with a double-double 16 points and 12 rebounds with 4 assists, while Clark Bautista added 11 points (which included three 3-pointers). The Tigers spoiled a career night for Falcons rookie Jericho Cruz who scored 33 points and 8 rebounds on 10-18 shooting from the field.
The second victory came today as they defeated the UP Fighting Maroons 75-68 at the Mall of Asia Arena. The Tigers trailed by 7 at the end of the 3rd quarter and were trailing 54-59 with 6:13 left in the 4th, but then they embarked on a 16-0 run in the next three minutes and sealed another come from behind victory for the Tigers. Karim Abdul led the Tigers with a double-double 16 points and 21 rebounds. Aljon Mariano also scored 16 points. While Jeric Fortuna who played the game with a flu also came up with a double-double 11 points and 12 rebounds including 2 crucial 3-point plays. Mike Silungan led the Fighting Maroons with 14 points.
With the two victories, the Tigers are now in solo 2nd place at 9-3. This came after the UAAP Board has waived off the FEU Tamaraws controversial victory over the NU Bulldogs last September 6 in which FEU guard RR Garcia nailed the game winning lay-up as time expired in which there was a question whether he released the ball before or after time expires. The game will be played again on September 23. After a win against the UE Red Warriors today, the Tamaraws are once again at 8-3 in 3rd place.
The Tigers have two games left in the elimination round. Here they are:
vs ADMU Blue Eagles, September 15, 4:00 pm, Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City
vs UE Red Warriors, September 20,  2:00 pm, Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City
The Tigers still have a chance to finish atop the standings, and the game against the defending champion Ateneo Blue Eagles will be a great battle as they challenge for the #1 seed in the Final Four.
Go USTe! One for UST! We Believe!
Going with the flow.