June has come and pass. Hello July.

The month of June has come and pass, and now the month of July is here. A lot has happened in June so I look back at some of them.

It’s been three weeks (2 make-up classes on Saturday’s) since we came back to classes and a lot has happen. Well, first CTHM will now do the Tiger Day (which was done in previous years by the College of Education) on the last Friday of each month, so I better stack my closet with yellow shirts. Then of course the planning of our event which will come maybe late August or early September. Of course, there was time to see your blockmates and PEEPS around UST and meet new PEEPS a long the way. I admit, I was a little off from my usual self during the first three weeks of the school year (at one point, I got sick and had to be at home for the entire day). I better find a way in a short amount of time to knock off my distractions and get myself focused once again. Since the NBA season has come to an end with the Miami Heat winning the championship and LeBron James’ title quest has come into fruition, and of course the NBA Draft where the New Orleans Hornets select Anthony Davis with the #1 pick. June also saw the disbandment of my favorite boyband of all-time in Westlife after 14 years of great hits.

Now we welcome the month of July, we are now in the rainy season with a lot of rainy weather coming up. I could also be looking for a big break this month and I hope to do more things this time around. Also, the 75th season of the UAAP also begins this July. I hope UST will come out big this year, especially in basketball, and a lot of other things to come this month. You don’t know what will happen this month, so like I always say, ENJOY THE RIDE!

What’s next for me in July? We’ll see.

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