The Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions
Photo ©NBA.com

For the second time in franchise history, the Miami Heat are the NBA Champions and they did it in style as they win in a blowout against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 at the American Airlines Arena 121-106 to clinch the championship.  

For LeBron James, after nine years in the NBA without a championship, he has fulfilled his promise to bring a championship and can now be called as a champion. He has also silenced his critics with the championship. He also took home the Finals MVP Trophy for his all-around performance all series long. There was jubilation in South Beach and for the many members of the Heat Nation. For Dwayne Wade, he gets his second NBA title with Udonis Haslem as the only two remaining members from the 2006 Miami Heat who won the title against the Dallas Mavericks. For guys like Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, Shane Batter among others, they get their first taste of championship glory. For Fil-Am coach Erik Spoelstra he solidifies his coaching resume with a championship.

It was a bitter ending for the Oklahoma City Thunder where after winning Game 1 of the series, they went on to lose the next 4 games as they blow out the opportunity to bring the NBA title for the first time in the state of Oklahoma. It was a tough lesson for these young guns led by Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Serge Ibaka and the rest of the Thunder players. Thunder coach Scott Brooks will learn from the experiences of this series. I say Kudos! to the Thunder for putting up a great battle as they have gone this deep to the NBA Finals and I’m sure they will be a team to watch for many years to come

In Game 5, the Heat shot 40-77 (51%) from the field compared to the Thunder who only shot 36-87 (41%). The Heat shot excellent from 3 point range, shooting 14-26 (54%) compared to the Thunder who only shot 11-28 (34%).

James led the Heat in Game 5 with a triple-double 26 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds with 2 blocks on 9-19 FG shooting and 8-9 FT shooting. Bosh added 24 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks on 9-14 FG shooting, 1-1 3PT shooting and 5-5 FT shooting. Miller coming off the bench added 23 points and 5 rebounds on 7-8 3PT shooting and 2-2 FT shooting. Wade added 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks on 7-12 FG shooting and 6-9 FT shooting. Battier added 11 points and 4 rebounds on 4-8 FG shooting and 3-7 3PT shooting. Chalmers added 10 points, 7 assists and 2 steals on 3-6 FG shooting, 2-4 3PT shooting and 2-2 FT shooting.

Durant led the Thunder in Game 5 with a double-double 32 points and 11 rebounds with 3 assists and 2 steals on 13-24 FG shooting, 3-6 3PT shooting and 3-3 FT shooting. Westbrook and Harden coming off the bench each scored 19 points. Westbrook added 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals on 4-20 FG shooting and 11-13 FT shooting. Harden added 5 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals on 5-11 FG shooting, 3-8 3PT shooting and 6-6 FT shooting. Derek Fisher added 11 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists on 4-7 FG shooting and 3-6 3PT shooting.
Once again, I did this banner in DEFEAT. I did it before in 2010 when I rooted for the Boston Celtics but they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in 7 games.
I can say it was a bitter end to this lockout shortened season for me since I rooted for the Thunder to win the NBA Championship this season. It was a season full of heartbreak from the time the season began when Yao Ming one of the players I admire announced his retirement during the lockout. My team the Houston Rockets failed to make it to the playoffs for the 3rd straight season (Ironically, it was the Heat who sent the Rockets’ playoff aspirations down the toilet.) From my other favorite teams like the Hawks, Magic, Celtics, Thunder, among other teams falling short in their playoff runs, and to my favorite players getting hurt like Derrick Rose, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin, among others.
Guilty as charged, I hated LeBron James since he made “The Decision” to leave Cleveland for Miami. PEEPS for LeBron can now tell me straight to the face to shut my mouth since he now has the championship in his grasp and nobody can take that distinction away from him it away from him. Yet despite the criticism I have against him, He’s a great player and I can say he deserves to win the championship.
This season may have been full of heartbreak, yet there are still some good moments to remember like those Shaqtin’-a-Fool videos which made me laugh all-season long, the different memes that came up from the Spurs Men In Black to the Amare’ Fire Extinguisher meme and to the unforgettable JaVale McGee moments as a Wizard. Philadelphia’s magical run in the playoffs. The Thunder beating the past 3 champions from the West in the playoffs (Mavericks, Lakers & Spurs), the emergence of Jeremy Lin, those clutch plays all-season long, and many other things.

It could take me awhile to suck in the defeat of the Thunder in the Finals. I know, I’ll be fine when the time comes.

So until then,

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