The last Frappuccino Happy Hour. I finish 4 for 5.

Photos ©Karl Carandang
Today is the final day of the promo of Starbucks called Frappuccino Happy Hour. Like I said in my previous blog, the price of Frappuccinos are discounted by 50%, so it was worth buying coffee on discounted prices, especially on a regular day it does cost a fortune. So I left home and went to a nearby Starbucks branch and I bought coffee not only for myself, but also for my little brother. I had it “To Go” so I can enjoy it at my home. I had the usual Coffee Jelly Frappuccino while I bought my little brother a Decaf Mocha Frappuccino. I was able to save P156 on these two cups of coffee. It could have cost me P310 if I bought these on a regular day. So at the end of the promo period, I’ve been on 4 of the 5 Frappuccino Happy Hour days from April 30 until today. I really took advantage of this promo they have to enjoy a cup of coffee on generous servings of Coffee Jelly.
As of the moment, I’m enjoying this cup of coffee. Like I said, today’s the last day. So if you want to take advantage of cheaper Frapps, head to a Starbucks branch near you before 6pm tonight when the promo ends.
Fueled by coffee.

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