Enrollment day blues. Thank God we have a good schedule.

So today was Enrollment Day for me and the rest of my classmates, batchmates, as well as the sophomores and some seniors of our entire college at the University of Santo Tomas. I had to wake up and leave early to avoid the traffic jam on the way down to school.

The enrollment time was from 11am to 2pm, but I was on campus as early as 9:30 am. It was a mixed that, it was raining when I left home, but the sun was shining hard when I got on campus. I joined in with my troupe and some of my classmates to get enrolled. It was like a “race” as we wanted to go ahead with the rest so we can finish early and do more things afterwards. Enrollment was a snap like the past few years, from 5-10 minutes, it was finished.

Afterwards, we went to chill out a bit at a store nearby. I just came for the chill out, and not to buy drinks from the store. I was really hungry then, but I don’t want to leave. Later, some members of the troupe came along. We stumbled by on card games and a lot of catching up to do.

They went elsewhere afterwards, but I had to part ways with them as I can’t come along, because I didn’t have the money and time to do so. So before I left for home, I went for lunch and spent the afternoon with some friends, when the left I was hanging by on campus, looking like a man with the blues. (That’s why I wrote this as a title for my blog today.) Was it the feeling after I parted ways with my troupe and friends? or something else that bothered my head? Who knows? But at least when I got home, I was feeling good.

Anyway, my “our” schedule is like a flashback of my schedule in high school, starts at 7 in the morning, and ends at around 3 in the afternoon. So for this semester, I “We” get a break from those brutal 12 hour span schedule. The schedule this semester is great. It’s manageable and favorable. So I’m happy with that. 

French classes go up to the next level, Mathematics/Accounting is back in the mix, another research paper to write, this time in English, the one thing we awaited for since the start of our college journey, the Events Management class where in the end, we’ll make an event of our own, and a lot of other subjects to take.

We’re officially Juniors, and now we are 3T5, time really flew by fast.

So, classes begin in UST on June 4, but for CTHM, we begin on June 11 because of the convention our college is hosting on the first week of classes. But we have to make up classes with 4 Saturday classes (2 in June and 2 in July), but it’s okay with me, at least the schedule is not as deadly this time around.

Until then, see you on June 11!


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