Today, I spent the whole afternoon with my bro. Taking the good life.

Starbucks put up a promo that began on my birthday April 30, and that is the Frappuccino Happy Hour where all Frappuccino products are at half-price every Monday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. So, today me and my bro German went for a trip down at a Starbucks branch nearby. Since I promised to treat him with coffee before. I thought today was a perfect opportunity to do so. It was the third time I took advantage of this promo. For German, it was is second time.

Photos ©Karl Carandang
We spent the entire afternoon enjoying our cups of Venti Frappuccino, Coffee Jelly for me, and Caramel for German. I saved a lot of money on these two cups of coffee. It saved me P165 if I bought it on a regular day. We talked a lot of things while we enjoyed our cups from our high school days to playing basketball, from life at the university to sharing a lot of life stories.
We have been “brothers” for about 4 years already since our days in high school at Claret School of Quezon City. He was a classmate of mine in my fourth year high school. It continues today as we study at the University of Santo Tomas taking different courses.

German, thanks for spending the entire afternoon with me. Let’s do it again, longer than today, with or without promos, with the rest of our friends, and see you around campus when classes begin. Come by my home soon if the time comes.
Brothers stand for each other, through every challenge.

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