Tips for CTHM Freshies. Loud and proud, we stand out.

It’s been two days already since the #TipsForUSTFreshies began trending on Twitter, tweets with the hashtag were posted by many Thomasian students. Blog posts (including my first post) were made with tips for our freshies. Even videos were posted about these tips (you can check one of the videos, this one by themayansprophecy)

Since I’m a Junior student of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management taking up Travel Management. I thought of posting tips which are applicable to the freshies of our college. So here are some of my tips for our CTHM Freshies.

#1. I can assure you that you will have a great time in your Filipino class. It will be a journey unlike any other with Sir Alvin Ringgo Reyes. (Unfortunately for 1T5 “I’m from 3T5, so you’re the new breed who will carry the T5 banner in your batch”, you will not experience his teachings this semester.)

#2. For Travel Management freshies, Prepare at least P1,000 for the book with CD. (It is not advisable to use borrowed and/or books bought or passed on from upperclassmen.). It’s better to buy a German-English dictionary to compliment your studies. Google Translate is not reliable. PAY ATTENTION to your Daf-Lehrer. (Daf-Lehrer is your German professor), if you don’t, you will miss a lot of things.

#3. Follow the dress code accordingly. The college is strict in implementing the dress code. Non-compliance will result to sanctions. Dress code implementation is way stricter for ladies, so please be mindful of the way you wear your uniform. For gentlemen, they look more on the haircut.

#4. For Travel Management freshies, The events by us Juniors will come to your classrooms very soon. So prepare yourselves for a lot of educational, fun and awe-inspiring events. So please support our events, once we get things rolling along. You will also get to do this by the time you reach third year.

#5. For HRM freshies, There will also be events, this time it’s from the Seniors. So please support their events, once they come along to your classes.

#6. For HRM freshies, Prepare a scientific calculator for your Math class. Also, it is not advisable to skip your classes, so don’t even try to skip this class for a long period of time. You may not like it in the end.

#7. Our uniform is one of the best uniforms anywhere not only within the University Belt, but also the entire country. So wear it with pride and honor. It is not a SM or National Bookstore uniform. (I had an experience in National Bookstore at SM San Lazaro in my uniform looking for some supplies. Then a lady came to me and asked “Nasaan po yung mga papel?”)

#8. In the Albertus Magnus Building (our building together with Education, Music and Education High School), odd numbered rooms are on the front side of the building, while even numbered rooms are on the back side of the building.

#9. Be a active member of the organizations within our college. For Travel Management freshies we have the STS (Student’s Tourism Society). For HRM freshies we have the HRMS (Hotel and Restaurant Management Society). As well as a host of other organizations you can join like the CTHM Pax Romana, CTHM Chorale, CTHM Journal, CTHM Tiger Flairtending Club, Intenzyc Danzerge and many other clubs to join. The org fair will come very soon.

#10. The Dean’s Office is located on the first floor on the back side of the building. Besides the Education High School library.

#11. For Travel Management freshies, get to know “Blue Madame”, for HRM freshies, get to know Chef Sam. These professors will play a role in your stay in the college.

#12. CTHM is the college of the most beautiful according to the Rector Magnificus.

#13. Remember this song “On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese…”

#14. Gentlemen are a rarity in our college, especially in Travel Management.

#15. Don’t forget to get updates from our CTHM Student Council. You can add them on Facebook. and follow them on Twitter @OfficialCTHMSC.

One last word I can give to you, our CTHM freshies is to STUDY hard and PRAY hard. Find a balance in the time you spend every day. Make a lot of strong connections with your fellow classmates, batchmates, and your upperclassmen (Ate’s and Kuya’s). The schedule can work for you or against you. So make the best of your time. College life is not a walk in the park. There will be challenges along the way. Face every challenge and learn from every step you take in this journey called “College”.

Enjoy your stay here in the University of Santo Tomas College of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

So these are some of my tips for you guys and gals. I hope you learned a lot from these tips I gave you in this blog entry. You can ask more tips from other students in our college. Also remember the tips which are applicable to the entire university from the reg form to pictures and index cards, from The Arch of the Centuries to places to eat inside and outside UST.

Don’t forget to share this with your fellow classmates and batchmates.

I hope to see you guys soon inside the Albertus Magnus Building.


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