Some tips worth taking for our UST Freshies.

On Twitter, there was a trend run where Thomasians give #TipsForUSTFreshies. It’s a yearly trend for Thomasians to give tips and advise to the Freshmen who will study here in the University. I joined the party, So here are some of my tips for the incoming freshmen of the University of Santo Tomas that I posted on Twitter.

CTHM Freshies, Get ready for the time of your life in Filipino. You will have loads of F.U.N.

The Main Building is not a church…. the Church is just next door… 😉

Your Reg form is your ID until you get you’re real ID later in the sem… Don’t lose it…

Don’t forget to try the food at Mang Tootz in P. Noval. You will have a good time there… 😉

CTHM Gals, remember the heel height. CTHM Dudes, yes may haircut inspection pa rin

CTHM Freshies, sa paghahanap niyo ng rooms… Nandito lang naman kami… Officer or not, we’re ready to help..

Travel Management Freshies, Get ready to speak Deutsch!!! :-bd

Travel Management Freshies, Buy a German-English dictionary..

Hindi limitado sa Carpark ang pagkain… labas ka ng UST.. Sa P. Noval, Dapitan at Asturias… 😉

HRM Freshies, Don’t even bother not showing up during Math… otherwise, you’ll be mark absent.. No excuses accepted

CTHM Uniform is not a National Bookstore Uniform #MyExperience..
Try out Ate Yema’s sweets… :-bd There good.. She roams around the campus.. Say Hi! when you see her… 😉

Always bring your umbrella and slippers… 😉 Check the weather before you leave… 😉

Join orgs.. On Org Week both University-wide and Local…

You can’t browse Facebook, YouTube etc. with UST WiFi… If you want to browse these sites.. bring a USB WiFi stick…

It’s not cool to “PDA” around campus…

CTHM Uniform is not also an SM Uniform – from @GMAtanacio

Travel Management Freshies, prepare at least P1,000 for your German book..
CTHM Freshies, Our uniform is one of the best uniforms around.. Wear it with pride.. 😉

Yellow Pad is more used than Intermediate Pad..

Travel Management Freshies, the events by us Juniors will come to your classes soon… So prepare for the ride…
Support your UST Growling Tigers not just in Basketball and Salinggawi but also in other sports..
Most UAAP Basketball games this year, sa Mall of Asia Arena na… Though may ilang games pa rin sa Araneta Coliseum
Engineering Freshies, 15 units bago kayo ma-debar… And mag-aral kayo ng mabuti… mahirap mga aaralin..
RT @GMAtanacio: CTHM is the college of the most beautiful according to the Rector Magnificus 
CTHM Freshies, Know who’s the Fairy GodTeacher?
CTHM Dudes, We’re a rarity in our college… Make it count…
Theology is not just your ordinary Religion/CLE class in high school
Get ready for the “war” at myUSTe at the end of the sem… haha =))
for CTHM, remember this song “on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese…” – From @GMAtanacio 
If you’re coming from QC going to Quezon Avenue. Please leave early.. Trapik sa Araneta Ave. May ginagawang tunnel..
Fireworks in UST are the BOMB!!! :-bd

Control lang sa pagka-bibo.. baka maging officer ka ng hindi sa oras.. haha =))
Once you get you’re ID, take it with your own life… Mahirap mawalan ng ID… mahirap magpapalit..
As Sir @GMAtanacio once said, during exams, don’t forget to pray to St. Jude Thaddeus..

CTHM Freshies, Don’t forget to check updates from your @OfficialCTHMSC

Kung ganun PE nakuha niyo this sem.. ganun na talaga…
Once you have your ID, always wear it while you roam around campus…

CTHM, Education and Music Freshies, Even numbered rooms at the back side, Odd numbered rooms on the front side..
Here’s one tweet I want to say to you CTHM Freshies:
CTHM Freshies, I can’t wait to see you guys around campus.. 😉
Well, these are some of the tips I can give to all the incoming freshmen of our university. You can also check out other tips and advice by checking looking for #TipsForUSTFreshies on Twitter. You can see tips that will apply both university-wide and also in your respective colleges.
See you around campus.. 😉



4 thoughts on “Some tips worth taking for our UST Freshies.”

  1. Hi, that's what I found out based from my friends from Engineering. Better ask if you have some friends there to confirm.

    This was written two years ago, not all the tips written here could still be applicable today.

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