Back when the hood was young.

It was during the night of my little brother’s birthday. I decided to look back at the old photo albums from our childhood. From one photo album to another, I found some photos when we and my friends in the neighborhood were young kids. (DISCLAIMER: I can’t post these photos in public. They may kill me if I did. Haha.) These were great times, we played together outside our homes, played a lot of games from basketball to LEGO, among others. We even played in the rain.

Back then, our home was one-storied, far smaller than our home today (still lies on the same spot as the old one) and admit it or not. I was one chubby dude. I remembered, I finished a whole pizza when I was 9 or 10 years old. I used to be a drummer boy (If I’d continue further, maybe I could have been a part of the UST Yellow Jackets today and would have cut my hair bald. Hehe). There were even photos of my neighborhood just when we moved the houses just being put up and look the same. 

I also found photos of my 7th birthday down in Filinvest 2 with my family, friends and most especially my classmates in Grade 1 at St. Matthew College in San Mateo, Rizal. (Well I had a birthday-mate in my class, so we kinda split on those who came along.) Though my time was short there (spent a year there) and I admit was bittersweet, it was all worth it. (I even found my copy of our class picture, two years after a old classmate of mine posted his copy on Facebook and tagged us out. I thought it was gone and out of sight, but Thank God I found it.)

Grade 1-Maagap Class Picture at St. Matthew College
Photo ©Karl Carandang

For now, I’ll keep on looking for those photos, if I can buy time looking out for these old photos. These were great memories. I forgot most of these things, but photos give me those flashback moments which make me remember what happened then. Looking back at those photos made me think of how far we have traveled and stepped up in our lives. It is true that a picture is really worth a thousand words.

“A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It is like your future photo album.”Bo Bennett

“A photo is a creation.”Eva Herzigova



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