My two blogs are starting to click.

It’s been more than a month since I returned to blogging, and both of my blogs are starting to click. My Blogger blog is almost at 1,000 hits all-time, while my WordPress blog is at 700 hits all-time. 

Well, they may have the same content, but they have varying audiences. My Blogger blog hits, most come from right here at home the Philippines. While my WordPress blog is reaching out to other places around the world.

I also like to say Yo! to my 3 Blogger blog followers and 6 WordPress blog followers.

So, if you have free time on the internet, feel free to browse both of my blogs on the net. 

If you have a Blogger and/or WordPress account, please don’t hesitate to follow my blog. I promise I’ll follow you back. (Just like on Twitter) Haha!

And remember that in every challenge in life, you must “Never back down. Never ever give up.

Thank You PEEPS, and God Bless.

Keep in check,


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