When I write something. I make sure that it will be all worth it.

One of the two articles I wrote during my time at the Tanglaw ng Claret (school paper)
Photo ©Karl Carandang
It has been three years already since my work got published on a newspaper. Well, I have two articles I wrote that got published. However, it was only now when I got to scan this article from the copy I kept for 2 years and put this on the web. Looking back, I can say this is one of the best moments of my entire life.
 The second article I wrote which is also co-written by one of my MERALCO PEEPS in Francis Canlas
Photo ©Karl Carandang

It was “late” already for me when I joined the Tanglaw ng Claret back in 2009. I was on my final year of high school, and I thought joining the school paper could be something worth doing before I graduate from high school and add something to my credentials.

A few months after joining the school paper. I was able to contribute two articles in one issue. One of which I first wrote on my Multiply blog which was about Claret’s QCAA Championship Victory against Ateneo (NOTE: This is not the Ateneo Blue Eaglets who competes in the UAAP Juniors), which was later published along the issue. While the second article which was about the final retreat of our high school batch “Batch Invictus” and was also co-written by one of my MERALCO PEEPS in Francis Canlas.

Getting my work published on paper is something I can be proud of in my life. Though my time in the school paper in high school was only short lasting from August 2009 until I graduated in March 2010. It was all worth the marbles.
Writing is one of the things that I love to do in my life, fueled by inspiration. I’ll continue to write about things I love to share with the people around me for the rest of my lifetime.

“You fail only if you stop writing.”Ray Bradbury


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