Back when I was (near) bald.

Me (center) with some of my high school PEEPS at Eastwood City (c. 2009)
Photo ©Karl Carandang

It was the day before my birthday last April 30, I came by and stumble some photos on my Facebook wall featuring some of my classmates in college back in their high school days. Where they like the photos and make jokes out of it. I joined the party by leaving comments on the photos, but later, they stumbled on my photos from back then, and found a picture of me when I was in high school sporting a “near” bald haircut which brought back memories of my fourth year high school which was one of the best years in my high school life.

It was more than 2 years ago when I sported the look, in fact this was the first and only time in my life so far I sported this haircut. Well, there were haircut inspections back in high school and they were very strict on imposing it among the students (even in college there are haircut inspections but these are a little lighter than in high school). For me, I sported the haircut more on my personal choice, rather than complying with the haircut rule. I don’t like to sport longer hair for the fact that I don’t like bangs falling down from my hair (I know most would say What? You can brush that and raise it, and add some gel or wax on.), but that’s my touch on hair, besides.

I had some great memories with that hair starting from a birthday trip of my PEEP I attended together with my high school PEEPS, down at Eastwood City where we dined out at Yellow Cab, watched The Final Destination, went bowling, and chilled out the entire day. As well as the usual happenings down at school. It took about a couple of months for my hair to grow back from the time I sported the “near” bald look.

The fact it was the only time I sported this haircut, I wanted to sport that “near” bald cut again. However, they don’t want me to sport the cut anymore for the reason that it doesn’t fit in with my course in college and the fact I’m a slim man, and every time I talk about having that look, they will say “Wag! Hindi bagay sa ‘yo.” “No! It doesn’t suit you.”

Despite these facts that I can’t sport my cut, I can’t blame them for that. So from then on, I make sure I get the right haircut that I can be contented with. Besides, I have a good barber since the time they first brought me to a barber shop for haircuts and it costs me only P50 per cut (P20 for tips). Yes, he is a very good barber.

Well, it may be odd to say this but sporting a “near” bald look was one of the best moments of my life. It was a time when I freely chose what haircut I will sport. Though it was for only a short time and it made me look like a odd person. It was all worth it.

Photo ©Karl Carandang

“Don’t judge a man by his hair, judge him by his heart.”

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