Once May came through, the rain fell from the sky.

Well, my favorite month of the year April came to an end four days ago with my birthday. The sun was still shining on the last day of April, then the month of May came along and then out of the blue, the rain started to fall from the sky. Most would say rain will come later this month, but they never expected it to be as early in the month as it is right now. Unexpected in a sense there was a hailstorm in a area near my place that lasted for 10 minutes today. Every afternoon so far this month, the rain fell from the sky and showers the land. A sunny morning turns into a rainy afternoon in a snap. I can’t believe it’s happening as it is right now.

Yes, I’ve been hanging out from the start of vacation together with my family, as well as to all my PEEPS whether these are my friends from high school or college. It was time well spent with each and every one of them.

Well, we’re still in the summer months, but that is also coming to an end. In one month, we’re heading back to the grind of classes at the same time the rain will get heavier by the day. So it’s time for me to make my summer vacation count. Still, I miss a lot of PEEPS from school, some I miss so bad that I always keep talking about them. I wish I can talk to them right this moment. But for some reason, I lose contact with them. I hope they are safe, having a good vacation, and I can’t wait to see them again once classes resume. But hey, I don’t want to talk more about the return to classes. I mean, sure it’s getting close, but I want to make the best out of this vacation.

Summer vacation is winding down. When the skies turn dark day after day, you know the rain will fall from the sky.



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