Avengers was the time-bomb.

Last night, me and my family went to the movies to watch the new movie from Marvel called The Avengers which feature some of your favorite Marvel superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow as well as Nick Fury as they fight the forces of Loki, the step-brother of Thor.
Let me get it straight for, since this is not a credible movie review because I’m no professional movie critic. I’m just a fan for movies like this so I can’t get enough of talking about it. It was the “time-bomb” of all movies. A combustible group with different sets of characters and skills. All I can say is “Woah!” or “Damn!” with every scene in the movie. It was an awesome experience to say the least.
The fight/action/suspense scenes were the BOMB! When Barton was hypnotized at the start to Captain America getting saved from Loki by Iron Man. Thor and Iron Man’s battle scene. Banner losing it to become Hulk. Agent Coulson’s death. Barton getting unhypnotized by Romanov. The Avengers Assemble scene, and to their final battle which ended in victory and Romanov closing the portal. Where in the end, the “A” stood up in Stark’s damaged building.

The movie has a lighter side like when Stark claims himself as a genius, billionaire, playboy and philantrophist. Hulk beat up Loki and called him a “puny lord”. Hulk punching Thor for saving the Black Widow. Hulk’s scream that woke up Stark after he threw the missile into the portal and when Stark said “Please tell no one kissed me.”. Stark’s laid back personality, his cool tricks/quotes during fights, and obsession to eat Shawarma. Aside from the awesome action scenes. The movie has some funny moments.
As I exit the movie theater. Words can’t describe how I felt. It was a great feeling.
So I wonder, when will they make a movie with all Marvel characters on like the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, among others. When it happens, it will be the BOMB! of all movies.
Rogers: “Big man, in a suit of armor… take that away, who are you?”
Stark: “Uhh… genius, billionaire, playboy, philantrophist…”

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