Today, we dine, we laughed, we chill out.

In the middle of summer vacation, you can not help using your time wisely, especially this is a time where you have all the time in the world to use from (unless if your doing summer jobs or classes during the summer time). So that’s why today, I decided to spend time with some of my friends for lunch. One of our friends Yna decided to treat us all to lunch at Shakey’s España which is near the UST campus. 

It was a great feeling to be around with friends again, a few weeks after classes came to an end. Spending leisure time with my friends, it was also a chance to catch-up with the things that has happened since the break, especially my friend Ish who is now studying at another school after she left UST at the end of our first year of studies (Well most of my friends keep in touch, I just don’t go out often, so it’s great seeing them again.)

Photos ©Riana De Guzman

The lunch we had was perfect for all of us. 2 pizzas (Manager’s Choice and Pepperoni), Chicken and Mojos, Spaghetti and Carbonara with 3 pitchers of Coke. Good enough for the whole troupe. 

Though i dropped 2 pizza slices which was bad on my part. Was it on my sometimes clumsy actions? or was I out of sync that time? Well, past is past. Just rock on in the end.

Afterwards, we went on a little side trip down at the Moonleaf Tea Shop. Though, I never tried their drinks, although the PEEPS say their drinks are good (I just don’t like  and of course the sound trip with the songs being played on the sound system.

So we thank Yna for the lunch today, and of course to the rest of the Tropa-GUISE who were with me as well Kym, Ryan, Claudine, Deece, Ish, Gieane (with little sister) and Nicole. Thank you for the great time today. It was all worth it. It adds another great experience to the things that happened on my favorite month of the year April.

10 days from now, it’s my birthday. I can’t wait. I wonder what will happen on the day itself.

But for now, I say enjoy the ride.

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.Thomas Jefferson



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