Hardwork always pays off.

Photo ©Karl Carandang

For the past couple of days, I have been working on finishing a transcribing job my mother gave me and my brother a few days after the end of classes to earn something for the summer and so that we can help our mother out, and finally after 4 word documents, 6 hours of recording, and 52 pages of transcripts. I have recently finished my transcribing of recordings today.

It was a challenge for me to transcribe the recordings especially it involves a 6 hour conference where the recording was divided into 4 parts and it involved different countries and sometimes the speakers have varying volumes, some speak on the microphone, others do not. Also, sometimes the words can be hard to recognize so it was difficult to type down what the speakers are saying. It also caused problems on my ears as constantly I was listening to recordings all day long through earphones because the speakers of my computer can’t pick up softer voices even at maximum volume.

Despite those challenges in my job, It was a learning experience for me as well, where in every recording I got an idea on how our fellow Asian neighbors speak the English language from Indian, Chinese, Thai, Bangladeshi, and among others. Of course, each culture is diverse and unique as my professor at the university I am studying right now once said, and that despite the sometimes “funny” way of their delivery, we have to respect their way of speaking the language for each nation has a different taste in speaking the language. Aside from that, I got to learn more on the issues that the world is facing today especially in climate change and development which is something that I can apply in my field of study. 

I am thankful for the fact that I have learned a lot from this experience and will earn from this duty of work. So I thank my mother for giving me an opportunity to do this for her and that I am happy to help her in any way possible. You have done so many things for us in our lives especially in our studies, and now we at least get to do something back for you. I love you so much.

That isn’t writing at all, it’s typing.– Truman Capote



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