Blake Griffin. The Poster Kid of Lob City.

Blake Griffin’s “Mozgov’ed” dunk over Pau Gasol

Photo ©NBA

“Mozgov’ed”, that is the term referring to every poster dunk that Clippers forward Blake Griffin has delivered in his entire NBA career. It all began in November 20, 2010. Griffin who was playing in his first season (official rookie year) after missing out the whole season the previous year due to an injury he suffered during the pre-season that took out his actual rookie season. In the third quarter of the game against the New York Knicks at Staples Center. Griffin off a pass from Randy Foye threw down a poster dunk on then Knicks center Timofey Mozgov and thus beginning a craze of poster dunks that Griffin through down the entire way and thus the birth of “Mozgov’ed” after the man Blake threw down his first “trending worldwide” poster dunk. Notable players who got Mozgov’ed as seen on the video are Danilo Gallinari, Marcin Gortat (though Blake’s poster dunk was ruled as an offensive foul), Kendrick Perkins & Pau Gasol who was put on two posters on the same night, and don’t forget the Kia car that Blake used at the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest in Los Angeles. It is also ironic that all of the Mozgov’ed dunks on the video were all set at Staples Center in Clippers home games, there are no Mozgov’ed dunks which were on the road.

Blake Griffin has made a lot of dunks during his entire career. His dunks are a sight to see for fans around the world. That’s why the Clippers are known as Lob City as Griffin is paired up with DeAndre Jordan as they finish spectacular alley-oop throw downs from lobs coming from the likes of Chris Paul, Mo Williams, Randy Foye, Caron Butler and a host of Clipper players.

Griffin though needs to improve on a lot of aspects in his game like his low-post and mid-range shot ability which is virtually non-existent and also his defense on the low-post where he has struggled throughout his entire career. As well as his free throw shooting. If he can improve on these things in his game, he will be a even tougher match-up for opposing players. Blake is a young player on the rise and has plenty of time to improve his game. 

The Clippers right now are in contention for the Pacific Division title, pitting them against their Staples Center co-tenant the storied Los Angeles Lakers who has won the division since 2008, and are well on their way to making back to the playoffs for the first time since their miracle run in 2006 where they were once led by Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, Sam Cassell, Corey Maggette, among others in which they nailed a first round upset against the then Carmelo Anthony led Denver Nuggets, before taking the then MVP Steve Nash led Phoenix Suns to 7 games before bowing out.

Now the Clippers are in contention for a higher seed out West. However, the inexperience factor can come into play as members of the Clippers roster had not made it to the playoffs before with the likes of Griffin, Jordan, Foye, Bledsoe and Gomes making their playoff debuts if they clinch a berth. But, there are also players on the Clipper roster that have player experience with the likes of Paul, Butler, Mo Williams, and Kenyon Martin. However, the loss of Chauncey Billups was huge for the Clippers as he brings a lot playoff experience (Finals experience having been in 2 NBA Finals with the Detroit Pistons and won in 2004 where he was also named Finals MVP.)

No matter what happens at the end of the season. The Clippers are now a playoff-caliber team in the NBA and with a little more time, experience and personnel. They can be one of the top championship caliber teams in the NBA, and I am sure that the Clippers future will depend on the hands of Blake Griffin the Poster Kid from Lob City. You better watch out and take cover when he skies to the rim and put you on a poster.


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